Updating Your WSHP? Check Out Enertech’s Innovations.

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When it comes to choosing Water Sourced Heat Pumps (WSHPs), there are many factors to consider. After all, WSHPs can be the heart of a well-functioning property. When facility managers use the right system, occupants are happier, energy costs are lower, and maintenance issues are almost non-existent. That’s why it pays to consider all your options before making your next WSHP purchasing decision.

In commercial footprints, WSHPs are carefully configured to serve a variety of needs. As a result, the number of zones, the occupancy needs, the impact of other heating or cooling sources, and the building construction all impact heat load characteristics. And each time a space is reconfigured, repurposed, or remodeled, environmental engineers need to re-evaluate heating and cooling zones and equipment.

Designers and engineers have to factor in space and retrofitting restrictions in each new evaluation. They should also consider new technologies and upgrades and decide if innovations are offering real advantages or if they’re simply “nice to have.”

Additionally, older WSHP units are prone to failure. In commercial facilities, these kinds of failures necessitate emergency work, which often includes costly overtime and rush charges. Failures are so cost-intensive that many building managers and developers have decided that a more efficient, effective solution is to keep an inventory of units on hand and make timed replacement an integrated part of maintenance.

Whether you’re evaluating systems for a new building or updating or upgrading an existing build, Enertech’s water-sourced heat pumps offer many attractive features that have made them industry favorites.

Sizes and Configurations

When it comes to retrofitting, size matters. “In commercial applications, it’s common to look for new units to work within an existing space,” says Greg Munter, Sales Engineer and Partner at Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. “Enertech offers a variety of appealing benefits that make it a great WSHP replacement option.”

Because Enertech is built with replacement requirements in mind, these products are offered in a wide range of sizes and configurations to fit into almost any existing footprint. Innovations have also made new units more compact and flexible, resulting in simpler retrofits.


Updates and Upgrades in Enertech WSHP Units

As environmental and operating requirements change, many older WSHP systems have become obsolete. Enertech has transitioned refrigerants to comply with current regulations. Jeff Lawrence, Director of Commercial Sales at Enertech, explains, “Most facility managers know that R22, a form of the HCFC-22 chemical, is now prohibited in the U.S., so even if you wanted to repair a broken unit, it’s difficult to find compressors using R22. It just makes more sense to replace the whole unit.” Enertech is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.

Greg Munter adds, “It usually makes more sense to replace vs. rebuild. And the bonus is that these new Enertech units offer big efficiency gains.” He notes that the Enertech controller upgrades alone make replacement an attractive option. “These new controllers allow managers to be more efficient and get much more detailed diagnostics and monitoring information. You’ll be amazed when you compare the performance of the new units with what was available 15 years ago.”

In addition to complying with regulations, the new units are more compact. Lawrence from Enertech notes, “Back when we shifted to new refrigerants versus the old R22, the unit became more compact. And we still have one of the most compact units on the market. So as we begin the process of retiring R-410a, we are continuing to look for ways to improve and innovate.”

Which Motor Type is Best?

Both Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs) and Permanent Split Capacitator (PSC) motors offer benefits and challenges. That’s why Enertech manufactures units using ECM and PSC motors. “ECM are typically more energy-efficient, but they’re more costly,” Munter notes. “PSC motors are the more cost-effective way to go, but slightly less efficient. Enertech offers both options.”

Field Adjustable WSHP

No two buildings are exactly alike, and that means that facility managers need flexible heating and cooling replacement options. “Many of Enertech’s configurations are field adjustable,” Lawrence explains, “which helps engineers create the best solution for discharge. Things can be adapted in the field to allow for on-the-spot customization when needed.”

Wide Range

When a boiler or chiller is connected to a loop, the loop temperature must be maintained precisely, within a tight range. However, an Enertech unit can handle lower temperatures and higher temperatures and still function effectively. Enertech options offer a wider envelope of operating capabilities.

Made in America

Enertech is based in Greenville, IL, and products are made in America. While supporting American manufacturing is always a plus, in these uncertain times, it also means that domestic deliveries of Enertech products are less likely to be affected by international supply chain issues.

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