Towering Challenges Require Creative Solutions

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When Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI) was asked to develop an IAQ solution for a warehouse using rotated air in a ducted distribution system, it wasn’t a challenge. But when the customer added that the installation had real space constraints and would require creative solutions that still allowed easy access, the team got to work on creative solution.

Greg Munter, Sales Engineer at CESI, emphasizes, “This warehouse project needed a custom solution that combined the air rotation and the ducted distribution within the same footprint. We had some solutions in mind, but they were unconventional.”

40 Foot Tall Air Rotation Units

Munter explains, “The team at CESI used their experience and expertise to develop an unusual IAQ solution to work within the customer’s space requirements. We worked with Flex Air  to create custom vertical stacked air rotation units that could handle the air distribution portion and air rotation. But these towers ended up being about 40 feet tall, so we also had to ensure that the access was safe and reliable with equipment that is this far off the ground.”

Munter continues, “The team made sure the towers were easily accessible for maintenance and repairs. We ended up designing a custom ladder system that allowed us to access the air rotation units from the ground. This allowed us to maintain the air rotation units without having to worry about safety or reliability. It’s a great example of how custom solutions can be used to solve complex problems.”

Whenever a build has a limited footprint, access issues may arise. “That doesn’t faze CESI.” Munter notes. “This project was for a pharmaceutical manufacturing storage warehouse in suburban New Jersey, but we’ve faced similar challenges in urban settings, older buildings, and high-rises. Innovative air handling solutions only work if you also think through the access issues at the same time.”

Custom Solutions for Complex Problems

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