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An interview with Terry Halderson

Titan Air offers completely customized air handling units for make-up air, air turnover, evaporative cooling, energy recovery, custom controls, and more.  These systems can work as standalone units or in conjunction with existing equipment.  While the main heating line it produces is direct fire, the company also offers indirect fired, electric heat, chilled water, hot water, and steam products.

Titan Air primarily serves industrial and commercial industries, including manufacturing markets, wastewater treatment plants, welding industries, food industries, and schools. 

Titan Air Make-up Air Product Line

Terry Halderson, the sales representative at Titan Air, explains why make-up air is a necessity.  “A great example of the importance of make-up air can be found in a restaurant. When you’re cooking with a fryer, grease goes into the air.  The exhaust fan pulls that air out using the kitchen hood.  But the air that is being pushed out must be replaced.  A make-up air unit is designed to replace that air.  That’s where Titan Air comes in. We build the make-up air units that are needed to keep the air in the building balanced.”


The company offers three basic types of make-up air units.

  • Single speed air make up units that are interlocked with building exhaust.
  • Demand Air unit is a variable air volume unit. Supply air volume is adjusted by a variable frequency drive, allowing the unit to respond to changing exhaust loads.
  • The AR System is a unit designed to reduce cold air intrusion and reduce energy requirements. This unit can supply 100% fresh outside air or a fresh and return air mixture.
  • The HOT (High Outlet Temperature) unit is a 2-speed make-up air system that provides heating temperatures in two separate ranges that is typically applied to paint booths.

Titan Air’s make-up air units offer a range of insulation options. The company provides single wall insulation, double wall one-inch insulation, and double wall two-inch insulation.  Halderson explains, “With a heating or cooling unit, especially for deep cooling, it’s important to cut down on condensate on the unit’s exterior.  This is especially critical on indoor units to prevent condensate from running down the mechanical room floor.  We also offer mineral wall insulation for high-temperature units, which has a higher temperature rating.” 

Evaporative Cooling Line

Titan Air offers evap cooling product line as loose accessories or built into an air handler.  The company builds custom sizes to meet the customer’s requirements, with all units designed with energy efficiency and serviceability as a priority.

“Evaporative cooling is an economically amicable way to cool air, particularly in hot dry conditions,” Halderson says.  “The units cool air along the wet bulb line.  It allows you to decrease your dry bulb temperature, but increase your wet bulb temperature, which is called an adiabatic process.”

He continues, “It’s more energy-efficient than dx or chilled water because you’re not buying, maintaining and operating chillers or condensing units.” 

Evap Cooling Unit

Titan Air Offers Customization and Flexibility

“In general, what stands out about Titan Air is the response on standard equipment and the flexibility in our product design,” Halderson emphasizes.  “We offer great flexibility in the configurations of units and in the number of components that we can put into a unit such as heat, cooling, filtration, and humidification.”

The company also can do epoxy and Heresite coatings.  “This is a paint coating that is applied to steel unit panels,” he continues, “enabling the unit to hold up better to corrosive environments, which lends itself to wastewater treatment plants and other corrosive applications.”

Titan Air's Solution for a Manufacturing Facility in Ohio

A manufacturing facility approached Titan Air after two major robotic truck chassis welding production lines were added using containment curtains. After this addition, the building exhaust now exceeded the air that the existing make-up air units were able to provide.

Halderson explains, “Titan Air worked with Gundlach Sheet Metal Works and Air Control Products to complete an assessment of their current HVAC systems in a plant that manufactures truck chassis.  There were four main areas to this plant.”

There was limited space for additional units, so Titan had to figure out a solution.  Seven 30,000 CFM units worked out best for building layout.   “The customer built discharge plenums using perforated panels to allow relatively draft-free air in the building,” Halderson says.  “We could not have high-velocity air motion in most areas due to the customer’s manufacturing requirements.”

He continues, “A large manufacturing facility must have the proper volume of make-up air to function effectively.  Those energy costs are part of the costs of production.  There can be energy savings by using make-up air only when you need it and shutting it down or scaling it down to match variable exhausts.  When Gundlach removed all the Johnson Controls system controllers on the existing units and added control panels to all of the new Titan units, a seamless control system was achieved.” 

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