The Sky is No Longer the Limit for Some Urban Businesses

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What can an urban laboratory do to dilute exhaust responsibly? And how can a metropolitan business comply with noise restrictions without impacting productivity? When Kevin Clare, Vice-President of Life Science Modular (a CESI company), encountered these engineering questions, he knew the solution.  

High Plume Dilution

Clare recommended the use of SkyPlume stacks. SkyPlume manufactures industry-leading high-plume dilution stack systems. By specifying a system with eight stacks, he helped his customer comply with all city codes. “SkyPlume stacks take the exhaust air,” he explains, “and projects it so high up above the building that it is diluted into the air stream.

“While this exhaust does not contain any dangerous contaminates,” he emphasizes, “the exhaust may still have an odor or contain minute dust particulates that can annoy people walking on the streets. By installing SkyPlume stacks, we’ve helped eliminate these issues by increasing the speed of the exhaust air and then shooting it very, very high up into the air. As a result, it becomes so diluted that particulates or odors are no longer detectable, dusty, or otherwise unpleasant.” 

Quieter Operation Options

While high-plume dilution stack systems can produce a lot of noise, this installation includes a silencer option. “When you inject air at a high volume, it can get noisy,” says Clare. “I compare it to a jet engine. SkyPlume also compresses air and sends it out the back of the engine at a high velocity. But the silencers remove the sound of the air being shot into the atmosphere. It’s pretty impressive.”

SkyPlume’s high dilution stack system employs a unique patented discharge. It combines ambient air with exhaust particles to dramatically reduce exhaust concentrations. This innovative technology makes it possible for businesses to use urban locations for many types of light manufacturing and laboratory work without negatively impacting air quality.

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