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BASX is the North American leader in cleanrooms. Its commitment to cleanrooms started decades ago with the refinement of an innovative flush ceiling system. Since then, the company has become the gold standard for cleanrooms, with an emphasis on American and Canadian construction. BASX founder, Dave Benson, pioneered the development and manufacturing of innovative air handling products, but the sealed, flush cleanroom ceiling was the springboard for the life sealing systems used by so many semiconductor companies, pharmaceutical labs, and major hospital systems.

“We definitely specialize in cleanrooms,” says Mark Nordstrom, Executive Director of the Cleanroom Division at BASX. “We offer three basic types. Each category of cleanroom was created to meet a very specific set of needs, so end-users can select the category that has evolved to address their industry requirements.”

BASX works with two types of materials. “We offer both stainless steel and extruded aluminum powder coated systems,” Nordstrom notes. “Stainless steel costs more, but it stands up to chemical cleaning and is generally more durable than aluminum. We’re one of the few cleanroom manufacturers that offers stainless steel.”

Affordable Modular Solutions

BASX’s modular cleanrooms offer a solution that works well in retrofit projects. “Our modular systems can work within an existing building or for a new build,” Nordstrom notes. “Each one is designed for a specific project. They are delivered in pieces that are sized in ways that fit in elevators and work with all access points. Contractors then assemble them quickly on site.”

He adds, “While no one is willing to cut corners to reduce budgets, they can choose cost-effective building techniques that still operate at very high levels, and modular cleanroom options from BASX fit the bill. Our modular cleanrooms are our most affordable option, so they are easier to work into more modest budgets.”

“We can design fully integrated modular systems with customizations,” Nordstrom emphasizes. “For example, the lights can be dimmable LED lights. We can include fire suppression, ionization, emergency light circuits, and other features. And we can make our modular cleanroom a completely walkable system, so it will support the weight of maintenance workers in the ceiling.”

Designed for Operating Rooms

BASX also offers cleanrooms specially designed to meet the exacting needs of hospital surgical rooms. Infections in the OR can affect medical staff and patients. When surgical patients are exposed to infectious bacteria during a procedure, it can severely slow recovery time, cause complications, and sometimes result in death.

“Nothing is more important to BASX than keeping operating rooms pristine,” Nordstrom emphasizes. “A while back, we realized that we could evolve the system that we developed for the semiconductor industry, and make an industry-leading cleanroom system for healthcare clients. Before OR cleanrooms, the average semiconductor space was 100,000 times cleaner than an operating room. BASX set out to change that, and created cleanrooms that totally revolutionized the air quality inside hospitals and made them a lot safer.”

Elite Performance to Meet Demanding Requirements

Semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturers have been using cleanrooms to meet demanding standards for over fifty years. In these environments, even traces of airborne particles, such as dust, microbes, and chemical vapors, significantly impact the performance and reliability of semiconductor devices and can alter the consistency, lifespan, and efficacy of drugs.

“BASX premium cleanroom solutions are designed to meet the highest level of air quality all the way down to class one cleanliness level,” says Nordstrom. “These elite models meet the demanding needs of the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to using HEP filters to remove particles from the air, BASX cleanrooms can precisely manage airflow, humidity and temperature.”

Early Involvement for the Best End Product

BASX offers engineering and design support for cleanrooms, and encourages potential customers to contact them early on. “The best project solutions happen when BASX is working with the engineering teams up front,” Nordstrom notes. “Our teams can help design the best solution for them and provide appropriate add-ons or features. Many engineers come to us with plans, and we can see that they are overdesigned. When this happens, we help them create the highly effective solution they need without overbuilding or overspending. We often help them control costs by helping their design team fulfill requirements without including unnecessary features.”

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