Air Cleaning and Purification Technologies are Suited to Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Education, and Industrial Application

Now more than ever before, clean, pure air is critical for any commercial indoor space. However, air purity has a range of definitions when it comes to environmental systems. For some facilities, removing particulates and dust is critical. For others, the focus is on viral and bacterial microbes. That’s why today’s air purification products and processes address a wide variety of air quality concerns.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are especially concerned with airborne pathogens. In these situations, air purification systems must prevent the matter from circulating between rooms and common areas in the airstream. In addition, pharmaceutical sites, especially laboratories and manufacturing, must remove particulates and gases from the air, protecting the products from contamination while also ensuring employee health.

Removing particulates, allergens, and other contaminants from the airstream has also become a primary concern of educational and educational research facilities. Schools and universities need air purification systems that can neutralize dangerous pathogens that can be present in a densely occupied space.

To maintain manufacturing or research integrity, many cleanrooms must reduce particulates even at the microbial level. Therefore, each application must meet address specific conditions to meet a range of requirements.

Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI) represents world-leading manufacturers in order to provide our clients with the most innovative, effective, and cost-efficient air quality and environmental solutions. Our sales engineers will help your team identify effective ways to meet OSHA standards and exceed.

Our Solutions


This manufacturer offers portable air purification systems, bag filters, box filters, pleated filters, panel filters, media pads and rolls, frames and latches, gauges, and side access filter housings. HEPA-ULPA modules and filters, bag-in-bag-out, non-bag-in-bag out, HP frames and latches, HEGA, animal housing products, and HEPA side access housings are also available, as well as gas-phase filters and equipment.


SG America

This manufacturer of VOC Concentrators offers environmental conservation equipment designs to absorb harmful VOC and emit purified air selectively. Both the SKY-SAVE® C VOC Concentrator cassette and the SKY-SAVE® S VOC abatement system improve working conditions and protect the environment. In large and small spaces, SKY-SAVE products will remove VOCs and purify the air continuously and efficiently.

SLD Technology, Inc.

SLD Technology manufactures high-tech systems and components designed to enhance the safety of operating rooms and other healthcare spaces. Its patented Indigo-Clean technology provides continuous environmental disinfection using visible light. It also prevents bacteria from repopulating in the space, bolstering infection prevention efforts. In addition, Indigo-Clean can be integrated with other SLD Technology products, including AIRFrame, to maximize disinfection capabilities.

UV Resources

UV Resources focuses on protecting building occupants from infectious bacteria, boosting HVAC efficiency, and creating healthier air. UV Resources is a disinfection specialist with products that reduce healthcare associated infections, mitigate disease transmission, and disinfect airstreams using UV-C. Reducing HVAC/R microbial growth on cooling coils and components can also improve the performance of AHUs and HVAC systems.

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