AAF: Redefining Clean Air through the Years

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At the Forefront of Clean Air Since 1921

From the start, the growth of AAF has mirrored that of the U.S. In 1921, Bill Reed invented an air filter to control dust created by factories, which had begun replacing farms as typical workplaces for the average Joe.

When our country started harnessing the power of nuclear energy, planning for manned missions to the moon, and building sophisticated electronics with microchips, the demands for clean air became increasingly complicated.

Today, clean air solutions allow you to hold a supercomputer in your hand, to receive a vaccine against a brand-new virus the world hadn’t seen before, and to re-open schools and businesses during an ongoing pandemic.

As you can see, AAF has helped solve the issues facing our country throughout our shared history. Bringing clean air to life helps bring good things to life for everyone.

View our 100th anniversary timeline. We also invite you to have a look around the rest of our 100th anniversary website.

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