Pump Skids

Pump skids are pre-engineered and prefabricated pump systems. These self-contained, compact systems contain one or more pumps, a control panel, valves, and piping mounted on a skid. In commercial HVAC systems, pump skids circulate fluids for chilled and hot water and energy recovery and rejection.

Pump skids are customized to meet the needs of a wide range of large and small construction and renovation projects. Complexity and size vary based on the needs of the job, including variable volume and pressure, based on the building’s changing heating and cooling needs.

Weather Enclosures

LSM’s weather enclosures offer a solution to minimize mechanical noise through the utilization of code-compliant aluminum frames. This produces a lightweight structure that is easy to construct.

LSM’s enclosures are equipped with a range of features, including easy-access doors, removable panels, rubber membrane roofs, and forced air ventilation systems. These enclosures are versatile for both indoor and outdoor applications. They cater to diverse needs with options ranging from 12 to 26-gauge exteriors and various powder coating choices. The enclosures are engineered with P.E. stamps for wind, snow, and seismic considerations. Lighting, air conditioning, gas, and fire detection and suppression systems are also available.


Life Science Modular (LSM) is determined to become one of the leading providers of modular systems in the life sciences industry. LSM’s pump skids and weather enclosures offer several advantages in healthcare, pharma, and biotech applications, including simplified installation. Both product lines are built to simplify on-site installation, with minimal plumbing and electrical work required.  

Coward Environmental Systems is the regional expert in pump skids and weather enclosures. CESI is proud to represent LSM. Contact us today for information, specs, or help on your next proposal.