Pennsylvania Hospital Uses SLD Technologies to Retrofit Operating Suites

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An interview with Kevin Clare

As patients’ needs shift, hospitals all over the country are looking for ways to create hybrid spaces for imaging and surgeries without investing in new construction. However, building new spaces within the structural confines of existing buildings can present real challenges. Often older buildings feature lower ceilings and concrete framework that makes major reconfigurations impractical or even impossible.

SLD Technologies Make it Easier to Create Hybrid Operating Rooms

Kevin Clare, Vice President at Life Science Modular, a sister company to Coward Environmental Systems, Inc., works with hospital systems throughout the Mid-Atlantic to identify retrofit solutions. In most cases, tight ceiling space is a real challenge for hospitals and medical centers.

a hybrid ceiling-mounted system AIRFRAME

“We recently worked on a project for a Pennsylvania health care system,” he explains. “This customer had a large urban facility surrounded by established properties and businesses. Sprawl wasn’t an option, so they wanted to ensure their downtown facilities were optimized in every way.”

“Low ceilings meant that the traditional approach to duct and diffuser types of construction wasn’t an option. So instead, Clare recommended SLD Technologies systems. “The SLD AirFRAME allows us to outfit the converted space with all the capabilities of a hybrid ceiling-mounted system.”

Allows Builders to Eliminate Traditional Ductwork

The AirFRAME system solves many common challenges. “SLD Technologies’ system eliminates the need for independent structural steel to support rail-mounted imaging systems or boom mounts,” Clare notes. “The system is essentially a giant manifold, allowing builders to eliminate traditional ductwork, which is pretty important when the ceiling space is limited.”


Constructed Offsite for Quick and Easy Installation

AirFRAME systems are constructed offsite, making installation much faster. “In an old-school build, a contractor has to schedule a series of trades; electrical, plumbing, and sheet metal.” He adds, “When SLD builds all the systems offsite, there’s no need for that laundry lists of subcontractors. Instead, the operating room can come together in a matter of hours.

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