Pennsylvania Bank Increased Energy Efficiency by Replacing WSHPs

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When a large branch of a local bank needed to replace water-sourced heat pumps (WSHPs,) Coward Environmental Solutions (CESI) worked with GeoComfort to find a smart solution.


The bank had several WSHPs in the ceiling and attic areas. Compact units from GeoComfort offered the compact size needed to fit within a tight space. Configuring around ductwork and replacing old units was a challenge, but the replacements provided a range of benefits.  


GeoComfort WSHPs use closed-cell foam insulation instead of fiberglass, which doesn’t emit greenhouse gases and insulates more effectively. They feature a lower pressure drop for fluids, using less energy. The units’ heat exchangers also use spray foam insulation to reduce energy loss during heat transfers.


The new units’ aluminum microchannels are corrosion-proof. In addition, they feature compressors with double mounts for less vibration, resulting in quieter operation.

The bank upgraded its heating and cooling systems to increase performance but also realized energy and environmental benefits. Coward Environmental and GeoComfort provided the solution that met all their needs.