Operating Rooms

In operating rooms, air quality may literally mean the difference between life and death. That’s because so many of the elements within operating rooms, even at the microbial level, must be closely monitored and meticulously maintained. In addition, air handling units must account for the presence of anesthesia gases. Air systems must not contaminate antiseptic surfaces or compromise contained contamination. Sometimes, these systems must reduce or eliminate air particles to cleanroom standards.

It’s not easy to maintain a pristine environment in operating rooms. But meeting strict air quality standards plays a vital role in preventing surgical-site infections. From a clinical standpoint, prevention includes scrubbing and gowning, special equipment sterilization procedures, and strict protocols for movements within the sterile field. From a built environment standpoint, precautions include washable surfaces resistant to microbial growth, controlled or sealed access points, and even ultraviolet disinfection technology. It’s also essential to maintain a tightly controlled range for temperature, pressure, relative humidity, and ventilation rates.

Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI) offers a range of air quality and environmental solutions designed specifically for the exacting requirements that exist within an operating suite. We work with world leaders in healthcare air quality. Our sales engineers will help your team identify effective ways to meet OSHA standards and exceed healthcare client requirements.

Operamed’s comprehensive approach to creating specialized environments such as operating rooms, intensive care units, wards, sterilizations, diagnostic departments, dental clinics, and cleanrooms is based on the innovative TrueSpace prefabrication system. Operamed can offer sophisticated, customized solutions that are prefabricated offsite. The planning and design of operating rooms are customized for each client. At the Operamed production plant, all elements are built with millimetric precision. Installations are designed to be non-intrusive, minimizing dust and noise. That means it’s possible to construct an Operamed operating room on-site without shutting down large parts of a healthcare facility.
SLD Technology manufactures high-tech systems and components designed to enhance the safety of operating rooms and other healthcare spaces. AirFRAME is a fully integrated, modular, prefabricated solution designed specifically for operating room ceilings. Surgical and imaging requirements are complex. As a result, operating room ceiling fixtures are sometimes installed in complicated or disorganized ways. AirFRAME is a sleek, efficient ceiling system specially designed for operating rooms. It combines structural, air diffusion, and lighting requirements into a single system. Some hospitals utilize one massive air handling unit to serve several operating rooms, increasing the chance of recirculation of airborne bacteria. However, the AirTUNNEL system uses a single unit per room without the complexity of installing multiple units. AirTUNNEL can send air to a single operating room with a direct connection design. These fully contained units help prevent infection by reducing the airflow shared between a contaminated room and adjacent spaces. SLD also incorporates Indigo-Clean, a patented, continuous environmental disinfection technology that uses visible light to safely, automatically, and continuously kill harmful bacteria, 24/7, in the air and on hard and soft surfaces. It also prevents bacteria from repopulating in the space, bolstering infection prevention efforts. Indigo-Clean can be combined with AIRFrame to maximize disinfection capabilities.

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