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Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI) is pleased to announce it now represents Mojave, a leading manufacturer of thermally regenerated liquid desiccant air conditioners. This collaboration brings together CESI’s expertise in environmental systems and Mojave’s innovative technology to offer cutting-edge solutions for commercial building applications.

Mojave manufactures Liquid Desiccant Outside Air Systems (LDOAS) in Anderson County, South Carolina. The patented technology cools and dehumidifies the air, enabling independent control of an application’s dry bulb temperature and dew point, dramatically reducing energy consumption and climate impact by changing the nature of air conditioning.

Mojave’s ArctiDry product focuses on high-efficiency dehumidification and reduction of refrigerant use while improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for commercial buildings. Mojave offers ideal solutions for any DOAS or similar application ranging from 40-55°F dew point.

Together, CESI and Mojave are committed to providing sustainable, high-performance solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. CESI represents Mojave in Delaware, Southern New Jersey, the Philadelphia Region, and Central PA. We look forward to a successful partnership and delivering innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

Contact CESI today to learn how the Mojave ArctiDry can revolutionize your building’s air conditioning system.