NIMBUS Comes to PA to Explain Adiabatic Cooling

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Close manufacturing partnerships are important to Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. It’s critical to know all about the products, but it’s also essential to create manufacturer relationships that make it easier for customers to choose the right products and applications for their projects. That’s why Jerry Petit, Director of Business Development at NIMBUS, recently accompanied Dean Scheurich as they shared the benefits of NIMBUS hybrid adiabatic cooling in presentations with engineering firms in State College, Harrisburg, and York.

Alternative to Cooling Towers

“When we bring manufacturers on the road as we did with NIMBUS, it really gives engineers a chance to ask specific questions to get the kind of information they need to make decisions on their projects,” says Dean Scheurich, Sales Engineer at Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. “NIMBUS adiabatic cooling eliminates the need for chemically treated water, costly maintenance programs, and the health risks associated with standing water. And it’s a water-saving alternative, which is very interesting to many engineers right now.”

Virga Adiabatic Cooling from NIMBUS is a water-saving, or “blue,” alternative to traditional cooling towers. Virga primarily uses outside air to cool, while traditional cooling towers require substantial amounts of water. Because a misting feature provides an extra heat rejection boost on the hottest days, these adiabatic cooling systems are efficient all year round, even when temperatures soar. In addition to using less water, NIMBUS’ adiabatic technology also protects against the spread of Legionella bacteria, which can cause Legionnaire’s disease.

Eco-Friendly and Higher Health Standards

“The engineers we talked to were impressed,” Scheurich notes. “NIMBUS offers water-saving technology combined with higher health standards. This means that Virga from NIMBUS is a smart choice for many projects.”

Want to Learn More about NIMBUS Adiabatic Cooling Technology?

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