Microchip Manufacturer Uses MeeFog™ to Maintain
Optimum Humidity Levels

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A microchip manufacturer in Virginia was looking for an effective way to mitigate electrostatic discharge and humidify their factory. They purchased a custom-engineered MeeFog™ system that provides humidification in the six air-handling units by fogging demineralized water into the air stream. The pure water fog is produced by proprietary MeeFog™ nozzles installed directly inside the AHU, which are fed water pressurized to 1000 psi by the fog pump skid.

The MeeFog™ automated pump skid provides the high-pressure water to the staging valve manifolds at each AHU. As the valves open or close the skids increase or decrease pumping capacity in order to maintain the discharge pressure at 1000 psi. The customer requested that their programable logic system supply all the controls. They also purchased an additional capacity pump for future expansion.