Meeting Demanding Requirements for Critical Environments

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Data centers generate significant heat, so it’s not easy to maintain the precision air quality and climate control crucial to safeguarding equipment. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can compromise the integrity of server data. This importance is underscored by the strict regulations many industries have established regarding data security and environmental controls. Data centers must comply with these regulations to protect sensitive information and minimize environmental impacts.

In such critical scenarios, engineers rely on high-performance equipment known for its reliability. Petra has grown by delivering air handling and refrigeration solutions designed to meet the demanding air quality and climate control standards of some of the world’s largest data centers. Petra has experienced success in this field highlights by offering reliable, high-quality AHUs, chillers, dry coolers, packages, and split units.

Precise Performance for Critical Applications

Mark Hartman oversees the organization of Petra’s rep force in North America, where he acknowledges the advantages of developing air handling solutions in an extreme desert environment. Petra’s understanding of harsh conditions has made it a trusted choice for critical applications where precise performance is essential. “Everyone at Petra is designing with punishing conditions in mind,” he notes. “Our engineers start with the assumption that it must withstand things like heat, wind, and small particulates. That’s one of the reasons the equipment works so well.”

With over 2,000 employees working in more than one million square feet of indoor manufacturing facilities, Petra’s growth has been driven by its outstanding reputation in the data center industry. “Some of the biggest names in data use Petra products to control data center environments,” Hartman reports.

The company’s ability to manage demanding environments continues to fuel its growth. “We do a lot of work in the energy industry,” Hartman explains. “We’re also a good choice for healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities.”

A History of Extreme Conditions

Petra, headquartered in Jordan, has a deep understanding of extreme temperatures, given Jordan’s location in the Middle East next to the Dead Sea. Parts of Jordan experience scorching summer temperatures, reaching up to 122 degrees. “In the Gulf states, AHUs, chillers, dry coolers, packages, and split units can be subjected to ambient heat as high as 130 degrees Fahrenheit, with wet bulb temps reaching up to 90 degrees,” explains Hartman. “These conditions are extremely challenging for air conditioning equipment, so Petra developed incredibly robust designs.”

This durability makes Petra an attractive choice for the energy industry. “In some ways, the durability is obvious,” Hartman continues. “For example, we can make our products explosion-proof. In other ways, that durability isn’t always easy to spot. For instance, Petra products are highly corrosion-resistant, which is why they are often the preferred choice for offshore oil rigs. In fact, in the 24 years I’ve worked with Petra, I’ve never seen a piece of Petra equipment that had any rust or visible corrosion; that’s how resilient it is.”

Petra’s ability to withstand extreme conditions has made it a trusted name in industries where equipment durability is paramount. The company’s focus on designing products that can operate reliably in harsh environments has earned it a reputation for excellence.

The United States-Jordan Free Trade Agreement

Petra has been a popular choice in America for decades. “Petra is well-placed to thrive in the U.S. market,” says Hartman. “In addition to meeting the needs of data centers, the energy industry, and laboratories, Petra can also provide equipment duty-free, thanks to the economic partnership created by the United States-Jordan Free Trade Agreement (FTA). This agreement allows qualified products manufactured in Jordan to enter the United States duty-free.”

The United States-Jordan FTA, implemented in 2001, has significantly benefited both countries by promoting trade and economic growth. For Petra, this agreement has opened up opportunities to expand its presence in the U.S. market and offer its high-quality, durable products to a broader range of customers.

Petra’s ability to provide duty-free equipment gives it a competitive edge in the U.S., making its products more affordable and attractive to businesses looking for reliable and cost-effective solutions. This advantage, combined with Petra’s reputation for excellence and durability, positions the company for continued success in the American market.

As Petra continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, its presence in the U.S. is expected to grow, further solidifying its position as a leading air quality and climate control equipment provider for critical applications.

A True Manufacturer of AHUs, Chillers, Dry Coolers, Packages, and Split Units

Petra is committed to manufacturing parts internally, reducing reliance on original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide parts. “Today, most companies are actually assemblers,” notes Hartman. “They buy pieces and put them together. But Petra manufactures most of its parts. While some parts like motors or compressors are outsourced, many pieces are manufactured on site.”

This commitment to internal manufacturing allows Petra to maintain strict quality control standards. It ensures that its AHUs, chillers, dry coolers, packages, and split units meet the highest performance and durability requirements. By producing its own parts, Petra can also reduce lead times and respond more quickly to customer demands.

Additionally, internal manufacturing gives Petra greater flexibility in product design and customization. The company can easily tailor its equipment to meet specific customer requirements, providing a level of versatility that sets it apart from competitors who rely heavily on OEM parts.

Petra’s investment in internal manufacturing reflects its dedication to providing customers with reliable, high-performance machinery that meets the most demanding operational challenges. By controlling the entire manufacturing process, from design to assembly, Petra can guarantee the quality and performance of its products, making it a trusted choice for critical applications.

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