MeeFog Systems: Combating Cold and Dry Winter Air

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Magnets USA maintains required humidity levels even in the wintertime when outside air is very dry, by using a MeeFog™ humidification system. The system is designed so it holds the humidity setpoint even when the delivery bay doors are open.

You may be familiar with chapped lips from cold, dry weather. Dry weather can also affect your product quality. Magnets USA noticed a positive impact on their product quality and manufacturing processes after installing the MeeFog™ humidification system.

The humidification system is supported by an energy-saving MeeFog™ Reverse Osmosis water treatment system.

Optimize Production

  • Improve process speeds
  • Maintain RH in harsh conditions
  • Shorten job turn-around
  • Reduce rejects
  • Lower energy consumption


Impact Product Quality

“Our new fully conditioned production environment has positively impacted our product quality and manufacturing processes.” – Dave Withers, Production Manager at Magnets USA

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