MeeFog: Energy Saving Adiabatic Humidification for Ontario Hospital

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Grand River Hospital, one of Ontario’s largest community hospitals, provides care to more than 500,000 people in its region. A method was needed to control humidity in the facilities for patient protection and staff health, and also to meet goals for reducing energy use. The hospital installed one MeeFog™ system to service nine air handler units, each with different airflows. Humidification demand is matched to each AHU utilizing the hospital’s existing Delta Controls Energy Management Control System (EMCS).

Proven Results

“I worked on an energy balance which compared the running costs using boiler plant steam vs. fog. It showed a payback in less than one season based on the costs of steam.” – Bill Goodall, the now-retired Director of Facility Redevelopment at GRH

Adiabatic Humidification

  • Maintains proper humidity levels to reduce respiratory infections.
  • No boiler water chemicals entering indoor air.
  • System payback in one season


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