MeeFog: Cannabis Greenhouse Humidification

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One of the most important factors to producing a high-quality cannabis crop is proper humidification. Increased humidity is needed during many stages of production, especially during cannabis propagation when the ideal RH is between 75% and 95%.

MeeFog™ humidification facilitates plantlet development and healthy plant growth by generating high volumes of ultra-fine droplets that evaporate quickly without wetting, to create a perfectly controlled growing environment. You’ll see a rapid return on investment when installing a MeeFog™ System.


The Model Mee-3 Fog System

  • Energy-efficient, low-cost operation
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Ultra-fine fog droplets
  • Industrial quality

Proven Results

  • Propagation areas – 50% to 200% more production
  • Larger flowers — healthier buds

Want to Learn More?

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