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Life Science Modular (LSM) creates and distributes environmental air quality equipment and systems, specializing in the development of engineering solutions for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. When working with engineers in these industries, LSM offers fully integrated systems instead of providing a series of individual components. Its teams work with manufacturers to package the components into systems that are delivered to the field preassembled and pretested. Prepackaged solutions alleviate supply chain issues while providing equipment built for the unique needs of each project.

LSM Pump Skids

Coward Environmental has repeatedly been asked to design and deliver fully constructed pump skids for clients in recent years. Instead of cobbling together a series of “off the shelf” pump skids, CESI now works with LSM to build made-to-order pump skids to meet the complex needs of each client.

“Pump skids have traditionally been a commercial product that lived in the realm of booster pumps and hot water packages,” says Greg Munter, Sales Engineer.  “Now we can create pump skids that meet energy recovery requirements and can also be used with chilled water and hot water packages to integrate with chillers, providing a complete system.”

He adds, “Life Sciences Modular has taken the idea of off-site construction and applied it to custom pump skids. It’s an efficient and very effective solution for the engineering community.”

Pump Skids for Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and BioTech

When healthcare industries build, new construction must feature systems that safely introduce large quantities of outside air. That’s why any life sciences project requires significantly more cooling than a standard commercial installation.

“More cooling means more chilled water,” Munter notes. “That means bigger, more complex pump skids solutions. Outside air also amps up the need for energy recovery. That’s why energy recovery loops are essential, and custom pump packages can meet those needs efficiently.”

Engineers can easily access LSM pump skids with specific functionality without knowing the construction specs upfront. “When we work with engineers, we get performance specs, and build to that,” explains Munter. “They don’t have to specify every single type of pipe or flange. We take parts specification off their plate, so they get the product they need without spending time and resources telling us how to build it. This might be oversimplifying, but the analogy I often use is that our engineers can ask for a car instead of telling us how to build it.”


Flexible Performance

Standard pump skids are pre-engineered solutions for standardized installations. LSM offers custom pump skids that meet every customer’s performance requirements. “We offer engineers flexibility. They get exactly the performance and specification they need because each pump skid is built to order,” says Munter, “so we come in at the planning stage. Maybe they only have a certain amount of space or need connections in certain spaces. We create customized footprints at the right size to optimize the customer’s layouts.”

Each customer had needs based on their build, space, timing, and budget. “Pump skids are very complex,” notes Munter. “Based on the requirements, different types of pumps may be used, such as centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, or other specialized pumps. We spec motors and engines, control panels, piping and valves, safety features and alarms, installation types, sizes, dimensions, and more. There is no ‘standard model.’  We build it to meet the engineer’s specs.

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