Klimor HVAC Customization for a Historic Building

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A children’s heath campus opened its doors in 1940, starting with a single building dedicated to pediatric research and care. Since the healthcare foundation has initiated many modernizations and significant additions as they continually provided the latest in hospital- and clinic-based specialty care, primary care, prevention and health information services, and research and medical education programs aimed at improving the lives of children and families in its region.

Keeping the 1940s Structure Intact

The original 1940 building is still intact today, surrounded by several more recent state-of-the-art facilities that offer high-quality healthcare services to the community.

The foundation decided to update the function of the structure, while keeping the original facade intact. Renovating interiors without affecting exteriors is a complicated process that demands innovation. While it’s necessary to incorporate energy-efficient lighting, heating and cooling, and air quality controls into systems, it must be done around the existing framework, using the original rooflines.

Bryan McManus, Sales Engineer at Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI), explains, “The end user is committed to repurposing the 1940s structure, creating a medical office building and light outpatient facility while maintaining as much as the original building as possible. This means CESI is working within extremely challenging parameters. For example,” he explains, “we’re putting units on the top floor, not the roof. So, we need to carry them in. There are no loading docks or bay doors. Instead, we developed a plan to bring pieces of the units in, through smaller doors, to assemble inside, without disturbing the rest of the building.”

Innovating to Preserve History

While bringing the big units inside piece by piece was a hurdle, space constraints presented the most significant challenge on this project. “The end user specified that we had to preserve and maintain as much of the original hospital as possible. So, we came up with some pretty unique configurations to work within the spaces that they had available,” McManus adds. “None of these units are outdoors. Instead, they are tucked into crevices in the attic and subfloors. The venting is intricate and unusual. By working with Klimor, we were able to create entirely customized units built for the space. We were able to give the healthcare foundation all the features they needed without blowing out any wall by moving units in using nothing bigger than a pallet jack.”

Klimor units were rebuilt on-site to fit into tight quarters.

McManus reports that Klimor was the best fit for this project. “Klimor is an extremely cost-effective solution,” he explains. “It’s at a great price point. Lead times are really good. We were able to ship these custom units in under 16 weeks.”

But it was Klimor’s ability to customize that put them ahead of the rest. “Klimor is very open-minded and willing to do whatever we need to get the job done to client specifications,” McManus says. “For example, they were willing to create a stack unit that no other manufacturer is willing to do. Whether rethinking a fan wall or adjusting the way they do their electrical work, Klimor has been onboard the whole way, adapting when needed to create a smoother project.”

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