Klimor Brings a World of Experience to the American Market

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An Interview with Carlos Jorge from Klimor USA Inc.

Klimor manufactures of top-class HVACR solutions for the European market for over 50 years. Klimor USA Inc. is its subsidiary established in the United States of America to promote, sell and, in future, manufacture a full range of modular air handling units; Klimor EVO.

Headquartered in Poland, Klimor offers an extensive line of modular air handling units designed for a wide range of commercial applications. This industry leader provides anti-corrosive coatings, single or multi fan options, rigid frame construction, insulation, triple sloped drain pans, single-point power, thermal brake panels, and energy recovery. In addition, its modular line allows for the free configuration of functional blocks. Available blocks include primary filtration, mixing, heating, cooling, silencing, secondary filtration, heat recovery, cooling module, and fan.

Carlos Jorge, Klimor’s regional sales manager for the Northeast, says, “We’ve been in business for over 54 years. We started in the shipping industry in Poland and transferred into other sectors of the HVAC world.” The company has been meeting people’s range of needs for air comfort, well-being, and comfortable living.

In 2015, the firm entered the North American market as Klimor USA, Inc. This division has developed a range of modular air handling units under the brand Klimor EVO that meet the demands and standards of the American market.

Jorge explains, “The company is still considered new because it’s been in North America for just six years. But we came to this market with a lot of experience. Even before Klimor launched the new division, it had already been a leader in the air handler industry throughout the rest of the world.”

Flexibility and Anti-Corrosive Coating Set Klimor Apart

“We use an anti-corrosive coating in our panels called Magnelis®,” Jorge notes. “Magnelis® coating protects the panels and can withstand a salt spray test that can exceed up to 9,000 hours. This anti-corrosive coating is unique to our corporation. We’re the only one in the industry that uses it.”

Klimor also offers a wide range of airflow, from 500 CFM, up to 27,000 CFM in cooling and from 500 CFM, up to 37,000 CFM in heating using 19 cross-sectional areas to meet requirements. This flexibility also sets the company apart from the competition. Klimor describes its products as modular with flexibility. This company can design and configure its units in ways that meet the needs and requirements for a wide range of customers.


“We are able to translate our clients’ needs for a perfect product into a technical concept,” Jorge explains. “Our team of engineers in our R&D division is constantly developing new product initiatives and working with customers to create best-in-class solutions that meet the highest global standards.”

Heat Recovery in the Education and Pharmaceutical Industries

In consideration of changing energy recovery requirements, Klimor has started to work with heat recovery applications in educational facilities and the pharmaceutical industry. Heat recovery has unique parameters and requires the use of specific components to meet energy codes successfully. While almost every state or city has a different energy requirement, heat recovery is a standard inclusion.

“Pharmaceutical facilities typically require a special type of unit with lots of special construction requirements such as stainless steel. These companies have high standards and usually, very high-quality requirements,” Jorge says.  “And pharma projects typically specify all the bells and whistles, which Klimor is able to provide or even customize for the customer.”

Partnering with Companies That Provide the Newest Technology

Klimor is always looking for partnerships that allow them to source the best components for their air handlers. As a result, fans, motors, inverters, coils, and heat exchangers are typically outsourced. And for each of these components, Klimor is constantly seeking out the newest technologies.

For example, Klimor recently added another company, CORE, as a partner. CORE manufactures a unique enthalpy-type plate heat exchanger. Jorge explains, “This requirement was being demanded quite a bit by customers, and that type of plate heat exchanger was the best solution. The Core partnership allowed Klimor to leverage specialized expertise and offer a high-quality plate heat exchanger that can offer enthalpy control.”

Coward Environmental provided the Klimor EVO product for a project at the Princeton University Residential Center. Eight buildings required heat recovery, for the common spaces in the dormitories which demanded another 16 units.

Jorge explains, “We worked closely with a consulting engineer, and one of the requirements happened to have been an enthalpy-type heat exchanger. Because we partnered with Core, Klimor could provide the type of heat exchanger needed for this application.”

Jorge continues, “We also partnered with another company, Heat Pipe Technology Inc., which was another requirement for the Princeton project. So we were able to provide these unique heat recovery units by bringing in two new partners. It’s an effective way to solve problems and bring in the best experts at the right time.”

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