HygroMatik’s Modular Approach Makes It Easy to Be Green

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European companies have long turned to HygroMatik for more sustainable humification systems. As American companies now look for new ways to reduce their environmental impact, HygroMatik’s modular solutions are more attractive than ever.

Axel Zadina, Business Development Manager for HygroMatik, explains. “HygroMatik humidification systems utilize cylinders that can easily be cleaned and reused. Most competitors have a disposable cylinder, so you have to throw it away. Competitors stick with the disposable cylinder model because it is a profit center. It’s like buying a printer for $50 and then a set of refill ink cartridges for $45. This revenue model also enables some of our competitors to offer a lower initial price because they make it up with profits from replacement cylinders to pad their margins. HygroMatik sometimes costs a little more upfront, but less over time.”

He continues, “HygroMatik also uses a heavy-duty drain pump, like in the dishwasher or washing machine, that pumps in sequences to drain water, reducing the conductivity of the water inside that cylinder and also sucking out some of the minerals.”

Flexible and Customized

“HygroMatik Flexline and Flexline Plus are flexible steam humidifier units that can be built to work with almost any system,” Zadina notes. “We have all kinds of hardware and software add-ons. It’s easy to adapt to work with a wide variety of HVAC applications. The units can be equipped with a wide range of options, including HyFlush (cylinder flushing device) HyCool (integrated wastewater cooling), and stub line flushing.”

The HygroMatik company employs 65 people. “We keep our team lean, and we work with many smaller specialists for things such as injection molding or metalwork,” he explains. “We work with state-of-the-art specialists that use robots for metalworking and highly sophisticated molding machines. It’s one of the ways we can offer such precise units.”

Precision Humifications for Critical Applications


FlexLine Plus uses a stainless steel cylinder to offer precision performance. “In humidity, precision is often measuring in +/- half a percent,” Zadina explains. “For example, a fiber manufacturer requires very high accuracy for humidity and temperature, or the fibers become difficult to manage. Because Flex Line Plus ensure the humidity is exact, production output can even be increased. If the humidification isn’t correct, fiber manufacturing becomes more difficult, even impossible.”

In pharmaceutical labs and manufacturing, humidity can affect lab results, efficacy, and the ability to manufacture certain types of drugs or medications. “Pharmaceutical lab and manufacturing applications often require precision humidity levels of +/- 1%. Same with clean rooms,” says Zadina. “Without precise humidification, many of today’s medical breakthroughs simply couldn’t have happened.”

A Range of Humidification Solutions

Hygromatik offers three product groups: steam humidifiers, steam generators, and steam injection humidifiers.

Steam humidifiers and steam generators are essential components in creating stable and controllable indoor climates. FlexLine and FlexLine Plus offer highly efficient solutions that can be adjusted to address a range of humidification challenges. These units are available as electrode or heater element humidifiers depending on your water quality. It offers 16 performance classes with steam output from 10 lbs/hr up to 300 lbs/hr, selectable in 6 unit sizes. Additional performance limitations can easily be programmed.

The HygroMatik Steam Injection Humidifier, or SIH, is used to deliver pressurized steam for specialized and standard operational processes and applications. The HygroMatik SIH is connected to an existing steam network, making the pressure steam available for energy-efficient air humidification.

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