Humidification with MeeFog™ Nozzles Installed In-Space

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Many modern manufacturing processes benefit from proper humidification. Humidification can often significantly increase both production speed and product repeatability. 

When older machines are replaced with bigger and faster equipment, heat goes up and can cause humidity to drop. Existing plant humidification systems are often incapable of meeting these increased demands. The MeeFog™ industrial humidifier is an effective alternative to traditional more expensive methods of humidification such as compressed air and ultrasonic systems.

MeeFog™ In-Space Humidification Applications

  • Cold Storage
  • Printing
  • Woodworking
  • Wine Barrel Storage
  • Textiles
  • Electronic Clean Rooms
  • Pharmaceuticals

Quality Control

“The MeeFog™ system, as part of our new fully conditioned production environment, has positively impacted our product quality and manufacturing process.” Dave Withers, Production Manager at Magnets USA

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