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Air Wise Sales, Inc. produces customized air handlers for the North American market. This recognized leader is committed to offing intelligent solutions to meet the demanding needs of commercial, industrial, and institutional end users.

Patrick Guay, Vice President of Sales and Applications at Air Wise, reports, “We owe much of our success to our flexibility. We are able to customize how we fabricate, how we add options, the geometry of the equipment, how it works, and how it functions.” In addition, he emphasizes, “We find ways to include everything on the client’s wish list. So while there are some limitations, we’re pretty good at finding innovative solutions.”

Tackling the Tough Challenges

Nick Ferraro founded Air Wise in 1989. While the structure and the name of the company have gone through a few iterations over the years, the Air Wise name kept coming back. “Nick Ferraro still owns and operates Air Wise today,” says Guay. “He is great at steering the company to meet his vision.”

Ferraro started with his brother in the family garage, building the first units by hand. “This company was literally built on customization,” Guay notes. “The founder built his first custom air handlers because his client couldn’t find exactly what they needed to fit in the space available. So Ferraro went to the site, sat down with the client, and just talked about their needs. He used that information to design and fabricate the new unit.”

Air Wise has built on that core competence of technical abilities combined with problem-solving. Today, they are an industry leader with a well-earned reputation for tackling tough challenges.


Adding to a Winning Team

Patrick Guay is a relative newcomer to Air Wise. “I came to Air Wise two years ago, in November of 2020,” he explains. “I like my role at Air Wise. Here, I can take a project from A to Z and feel satisfied with a job well done.”

Guay’s role includes proposing innovative solutions and designs. “In a typical project, it’s not unusual to work with the client, get shop drawings, and see equipment being built on the floor.” He adds, “Once the equipment is installed and functioning, and I see that the client is satisfied, I know that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I love my job.”

Growing and Evolving

“Many good things are happening at Air Wise,” Guay reports. “We’re opening up our third factory, scheduled to open in 2023 in Kingston, Ontario.” He says, ” I think we’ve doubled the company within the last few years. And right now, it looks like it may be able to double again within the next two or three years.”

Air Wise is not resting on its laurels. Instead, it’s actively looking for ways to improve its North American position with leading distributors. “Air Wise is establishing new business partnerships with top distributors, like Coward Environmental, throughout Canada and the United States.” He adds, “We can offer a team of seasoned professionals who have worked for us for years, even decades. And we also have a lot of young problem solvers rising through the ranks. So we’re well positioned to get even bigger and better in the coming years.”

Meeting Challenges With a Hands-On Approach

Air Wise has found that the most effective customization happens when they stay close to the project, taking a hands-on approach. “We work really closely with the client,” Guay notes. “We have people visit sites to do measurements or take up readings directly on site to make sure that the equipment will fit the proper footprint. They also check to make sure it’s easy to install the unit in its final resting position. That’s a big concern, especially when we’re doing replacements indoors or in tight spaces.”

In many older buildings, air handling systems were installed first, and structures were built around them.  “When this happens,” Guay explains, “we have to visit the site and figure out a way to replace equipment without toppling over a building. So often we have to bring in the system by hand, in small parts, and rebuild the equipment on site.”

Excelling in Customer Support

“I think excellent customer support also sets Air Wise apart,” Guay emphasizes. “Air Wise won’t leave anybody hanging. If something happens to a client’s equipment, our aftersales service team works with on-site technicians or sends our own technicians to do corrective work or adjustments.”

He continues, “Air Wise does customer service better than anyone else. I’ve never seen a company stand behind the equipment like Air Wise does. We won’t quit until it works the way it’s supposed to work.”

Problem-Solving to Keep Historical Building Intact

“We recently did work at a leading technical university,” Guay says. “They have a campus full of older buildings sporting the donors’ names. They’ve been there forever. So we couldn’t pop holes into buildings just because that was the easiest way to make it work.”

This project showcased Air Wise’s ability to create custom solutions. It developed a specialized variety of air handling applications, ensuring that each piece of equipment fits without affecting the aesthetic of the buildings. “We’ve done work on different classrooms,” Guay notes, “and in facilities throughout the campus. Right now, we’re finishing up phase four and starting on phase five. We’re able to do this work because our guys actually have the ability to cut the units up or break them apart as needed so they can be rebuilt seamlessly on-site without impacting the historical elements of the structures.

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