Fast Delivery Helps Get Vaccine Cleanroom Manufacturing Up and Running

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When a major pharmaceutical manufacturer received approval on an important new type of COVID vaccine, it needed to get production up and running very quickly. This meant that Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI) needed to support customers, contractors, and engineers in ways that allowed them to build a cleanroom manufacturing facility in South Carolina on a very short timeline.

CESI was able to meet the challenge, helping contractors build a fully operational cleanroom facility in just six months. This manufacturing site was designed to meet stringent cleanliness and safety standards. It was constructed using the latest air handling technology to ensure the highest quality of vaccine production. State-of-the-art IAQ systems ensure that the vaccine is produced in a safe and sterile environment.

Delays Were Not an Option

Greg Munter, Sales Engineer at CESI, explains, “In this day and age, the supply chain has been a real issue for everyone. But for this project, we were able to work with our manufacturers to facilitate speedy turnarounds. They needed air handling unit equipment and HEPA filters for cleanroom manufacturing spaces, and they needed them quickly.”

Getting IAQ equipment hasn’t been easy lately, but Munter and his team overcame challenges. “We were able to help them stay on a tight schedule,” he says. “Delays just weren’t an option on this build, so we worked with manufacturers to find products that could be delivered very quickly.”

Six-Month Build

The South Carolina project took about six months from start to finish. That very fast timeline demanded short delivery times paired with superior IAQ components. “We basically had six months from the time that the project was conceptualized to the time that it was delivered and installed,” Munter notes. “We were able to provide Flex Air products, HEPA filters, modular skid pumps, and HygroMatik humidification products. The client has been super happy with all of the elements.”

Munter adds, “And while every project we do is important, when we heard this build was to help manufacturer vaccines, we knew we absolutely had to get it up and running on time.”

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