Ephoca Brings Italian Innovation to the U.S.

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Ephoca provides state-of-the-art solutions tailored for multi-resident structures. With a history rooted in Italy, it is bringing superior unitary HVAC technology to the American market. After five years in the United States, Ephoca is quickly becoming a leading solution for North American engineers who require efficient electrification for multi-resident structures. Today, some of the largest and most respected real estate and commercial development companies in the U.S. trust Ephoca.

Pronounced “EPIC-a” (think “Epic” with an “a”), Ephoca was founded with a mission to deliver innovative heating, air conditioning, and ventilation solutions that create clean and comfortable indoor environments while minimizing their impact on the environment.

The company is ushering in a new period for heat pumps, in which equipment is efficient and requires no outdoor units.

Growing the U.S. Market

Ephoca’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction sets it apart as an industry leader in heating and cooling solutions for multi-resident structures. It has swiftly become synonymous with cutting-edge technology and sustainability.

Ephoca’s state-of-the-art performance is tailored for multi-resident structures. While the company was initially developed to manufacture units to serve the needs of older buildings in Europe, its sleek HVAC lines also offer practical solutions for old and new North American buildings. Stand-alone units are easy to install, provide contained HVAC systems, and do not require outdoor units.

The company set up headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, and New York City to serve the American market. Jeff Ishakis, Ephoca’s General Manager in the U.S., explains, “While Ephoca’s parent company is in Italy, the American market is growing quickly. We’re even working on providing U.S. manufacturing in the next few years.”

Comprehensive Unitary HVAC Solutions

Revolutionary heat pump technology is at the heart of every Ephoca product. “We have practical products that deliver exceptional results,” says Ishakis, “and they also happen to be very easy to install and look amazing.”

Ephoca’s product lineup encompasses an array of HVAC solutions tailored for multi-resident structures.

“From ductless ceiling and wall-mounted units to stacks and trench HVAC products,” Ishakis says, “Ephoca offers a versatile suite of options well suited for multifamily residences, student housing, and assisted living facilities. Ephoca solutions have emerged as a popular choice for retrofits or installations in condos, hotels, and motels, owing to their adaptability and efficiency.”

A Good Fit for Electrification Initiatives

Ephoca works well for electrification projects. “More and more companies in the United States are transitioning from fossil fuel energy to electric-powered systems in states such as California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, and others,” Ishakis says. “Ephoca’s products work well with electrification initiatives. Our offerings provide a pathway for buildings to make the transition without necessitating extensive rebuilds or infrastructure overhauls.”

Highlighting Popular Products

Ephoca boasts an impressive array of popular products that epitomize innovation and efficiency. AIO, or All in One, combines a high-efficiency inverter heat pump with an advanced ERV, MERV 13 filter, and bathroom exhaust within a single unit.

Ishakis notes, “AIO is easy to maintain. For example, if an AIO fails, it will only affect a single apartment, not an entire floor. It can just be swapped out and replaced. AIO has it all in one unit: no line sets or outdoor units. Maintenance and repair can be achieved without entering an apartment because units can be accessible from the building hallway. Its simplicity and a range of customization options make it a great choice for a wide range of building types and retrofit projects.”


Ephoca’s Nextac, winner of the AHR 2024 Product of the Year, is a whisper-quiet inverter package heat pump equipped with integrated ERVs. It operates at an ultra-quiet level as low as 27 dBA. Nextac doesn’t require a condensation drain and is designed to use in place of PTACs, PTHPs, and VTACs.


With over sixty-one patent-pending innovations, Nextac also uses R32 refrigerant, providing heat pump functionality effective down to -10°F, as well as a condensate evaporator with self-cleaning coils.

Ephoca STØNE, a high-efficiency inverter heat pump, cuts heating costs by up to 89 percent using the existing infrastructure. STØNE replaces window AC and radiator systems in older buildings with a single slim, quiet cooling and heating unit. It provides flexible cooling and heating for each apartment and room.


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