Energy Recovery & DOAS

Energy recovery is an effective way to drive energy savings and increase the overall efficiency of commercial HVAC systems. As exhaust air streams pass through the wheel, heat and moisture transfer to the heat-absorbing material on the wheel’s surface. As the wheel rotates, the fresh air stream, with a lower temperature and humidity level, then passes through the same matrix and gains the recovered heat energy from the wheel. This allows heat wheels to recover much of the heat that would otherwise be lost in the exhaust air stream.

SG America is a member of the Seibu Giken Co., Ltd., a world leader in heat exchange, dehumidification, and VOC concentration technologies for almost forty years. SG America benefits from global product development, which allows it to provide exceptionally well-engineered, environmentally responsible products.

The Hi-Panex-ION wheel is manufactured by winding flat and corrugated sheets of high-quality aluminum substrate to form a fluted “honeycomb” structure. HI-PANEX-ION® wheels offer the lowest co-adsorption ratio of non-water molecules in the industry, much lower than silica gel, lower than 4A, and even 3A molecular sieve desiccants. 

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