DST Dehumidifiers Are No Sweat

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Training rooms can be humid environments. The combination of workouts, sweat, steam rooms, and showers can elevate moisture levels making it harder for athletes to train at optimum levels. Excess moisture can also shorten the life of expensive exercise equipment. Humidity can even compromise the integrity of the building over time, causing mildew, mold, rust, or even rot.

The Perfect Solution

When Dean Scheurich, Sales Engineer at Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI), was asked to submit a proposal, DST provided the ideal option. “This dehumidifier will go in a training room in a clubhouse at a sports venue in Delaware,” he explains. “It’s a relatively small dehumidification unit, but it’s a good solution to reduce humidity in that kind of space. The unit is 150 cfm, supplying air at 14.3%. This DST unit is removing 4.8 pounds of moisture per hour. The desiccant rotor systems do an outstanding job getting rid of water in the air. And this unit is simple to operate. It has a humidistat and on/off control and can be used with a 115-volt outlet.”

Scheurich adds, “DST has units well-suited for smaller spaces like these. But it also offers a wide range of dehumidification equipment for much larger applications. In this instance, we needed a small application for a small room. DST serves a wide range of dehumidification needs.”

Want to Learn More?

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