Modular Central Utility Plants and Penthouses

Central utility plants, MEPs, mechanical rooms, and penthouses from Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI) offer many benefits to engineers, architects, GMs, and customers. The CESI team ensures that a properly designed central utility plant is the epicenter of the mechanical, electrical, and sometimes plumbing systems for one or more buildings. A central utility plant or penthouse for a major facility may include chillers, boilers, cooling towers, backup generators, water treatment systems, pumps, heat exchangers, pressure-reducing stations, VFDs, controls, and more. Offsite construction and prefab solutions also offer the advantages of assembly in a controlled environment, more control over the timeline, fewer trades on site, and exceptional quality and design.

Why Choose an Offsite Build Solution?

Getting all the components of a CUP to work in tandem is a challenge. With so many disparate systems involved, planning and precision are essential. When a modular CUP or penthouse is built offsite, the prefabrication plant provides a long list of essential supplies including chilled water, hot water, steam, and electricity.

Without the confinements, limitations, hazards and myriad distractions presented by a live construction site, the plant can be assembled and tested much faster, with a higher degree of control. The modular central utility plant is then transported to the location and re-assembled on-site, saving time. In fact, this simplified form of construction has proven to save 10-15 percent when compared to conventional central utility plant or penthouse assemblies.

Since 1953, EAS has been the premier contractor of custom offsite build solutions. With unmatched experience and dedication to providing the highest quality HVAC systems on the market, EAS takes pride in being a premier mechanical contractor. EAS manufactures offsite within a controlled environment that offers longer lead times, quality construction, and application of best practices. In these conditions, personnel and weather-related challenges are manageable. These central utility plants can include chillers, boilers, generators, cooling towers, electrical, controls, coheat and power (CHP), and ancillary equipment. EAS is a full-service mechanical contractor and custom-built HVAC equipment manufacturer capable of building to spec and shipping anywhere in the world. They also offer prefabricated data centers, penthouses, air handling units, and super skids.

Clients rely on CESI because of our engineering experience. Our sales engineers proactively help clients with design, project management, and quality control to ensure your next project works better and lasts longer. CESI is an EAS distributor and services Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Contact us today for more details or to get started on a project.