Create Efficiencies with a Rooftop Pump Skid Installation

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There are many potential advantages to specifying a customized pump skid. Because the pump skid acts as a compact mechanical room, customizations optimize functionality and efficiency and minimize space constraints, making it easier to place in a range of locations. This makes it a smart solution for a variety of builds.

Greg Munter, PE,  serves as the Partner and Sales Engineer at Coward Environmental Systems (CESI). His expertise was instrumental in a recent project. He facilitated the seamless integration of a custom pump skid alongside an air-cooled chiller atop a science and technology building in Pittsburgh. In this article, Munter shares how this strategy delivered a custom solution that optimized functionality and efficiency while also meeting the unique requirements of the client.

Improved Accessibility

Compact pump skids allow engineers to place a mini mechanical room adjacent to newly installed chillers. For this science and technology building, keeping the pump skids next to the new chiller enhanced accessibility and maintenance efficiency. Munter notes, “The design team was interested in having the pumps, tanks, and the associated VFDs installed along with the chilled water system on the roof.  This proximity streamlines routine maintenance tasks and repairs.” 

Maximized Space

Creating a custom pump skid to be placed alongside the chiller reduces energy losses associated with long pipe runs and optimizes system hydraulics.

“In both retrofit applications and new builds,” Munter adds, “this type of rooftop configuration creates an efficient mechanical system, but it also means that you don’t have to create a dedicated room inside of the building. It allows you to free up square footage. It’s an extremely efficient way to maximize space.” By not using interior areas that would otherwise be allocated for mechanical equipment, architects and engineers have more flexibility in floor plan layout and utilization, accommodating other critical building systems or functional areas.

Sheltered From Elements

Because the pump skid was installed outdoors, some protection was necessary.  “We created a shell that provides a controlled environment for the pump skid,” Munter explains, “shielding it from weather and temperature fluctuations.”  This protection enhances the longevity and reliability of the equipment, reducing the risk of premature wear and tear and ensuring consistent performance over time.

Efficient Delivery and Installation

Adding a custom pump skid in this project did not affect the timeline. “Turnaround time was similar to the turnaround time required for the chiller,” Munter explains. “By the time the chiller was delivered, the pump skid was on site and ready to be installed. And because the pump skid was preassembled and tested offsite, installation was quick.” By having all components at the site simultaneously, the crew was also able to save on crane time.

Want to Find Out More?

Integrating a customized pump skid alongside an air-cooled chiller on a roof can offer numerous advantages, including enhanced accessibility, optimized system efficiency, improved reliability, and efficient space utilization. This integrated approach can support the building’s overall performance and functionality while minimizing operational costs and maintenance requirements.

Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. can provide custom pump skid solutions for projects throughout the United States. Contact us today to discover how CESI can be a part of your next project.