Coward Environmental Systems Welcomes Chris Greller

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Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI) is pleased to welcome Chris Greller as an Application Engineer. Chris brings experience working in commercial light industrial applications as a mechanical contractor, where he developed on-the-job problem-solving skills. 

He is passionate about the commercial HVAC industry. “I’ve always been interested in chillers and chilled water system loops. It’s the most interesting part of the business to me, and I’m glad I get to work with them,” Chris reports. “Chillers play a critical role in determining energy efficiency, improving environmental sustainability, and influencing engineering choices. The technology is moving fast, and it’s a really interesting area for innovation.”

Chris is also excited by the level of precision he’s already encountered at CESI.  “I like how precise the equipment is, which gives me the opportunity to dig in deep as I’m working on projects. CESI doesn’t just consider one element. Instead, the people here really think about how everything works from the ground up. Just about every inch is analyzed and accounted for.”

When he’s not working, Chris is a die-hard Philly sports fan. He likes spending time with his wife and three kids in Springfield, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. He also enjoys cooking, barbequing, and fishing with his five-year-old. “I’m just getting back into golf,” he notes. “I’m still a little rusty, but my swing is slowly coming back to me.”