CESI Visits Smardt in Montreal

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Coward Environmental Systems sent Bob Miller, president, and John Daher, sales engineer, to Montreal, Canada, to visit Smardt’s manufacturing facilities. “We work closely with our manufacturers,” says Miller, “so we do a lot of site visits every year. Not only do we get to spend more time talking with the sales team and employees, but we also see the manufacturing process up close and personal. That’s invaluable.”

Smardt is the global leader in oil-free centrifugal chillers. It offers a comprehensive and customizable line of air, water, and evaporatively cooled, oil-free chillers. Advanced features and custom engineering enable Smardt to tailor and optimize its oil-free chillers for all industry and facility needs.

Key Contributing Partners Discuss Smardt Chiller Market Challenges

Key Contributing Partners Discuss Market Challenges

CESI’s visit coincided with a two-day hospitality event hosted by Smardt. The team at Smardt shared presentations on their heat pump chillers which offer the best technology for electrification and combined energy systems.

“Our Manufacturer Reps are important to Smardt, and we look forward to strengthening our relationships,” says David Donges, General Manager of the Americas at Smardt.  “Having an engaged, high-performing partner in key markets across the USA and Canada is critical to Smardt, and we look forward to expanding these relationships.”

Smardt also announced plans to expand their North American footprint and shared the details behind their plans to increase capacity by reorganizing the Montreal plant layout. 

“We realize the growing importance of energy efficiency and the dynamic changes that are taking place across North America around refrigerant regulation,” Donges adds. “Inviting key contributing partners to discuss these market challenges, Smardt’s product innovation in this space, and sharing our product roadmap is a step in the right direction. The feedback from channel partners is invaluable, and we will use it to shape our future product portfolio and our imminent manufacturing expansion.”

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