Buffalo Air Handling Meets Stringent Standard for New Pharma Lab

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An interview with John Daher, Sales Engineer at CESI

Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI) recently began representing Buffalo Air Handling in the Philadelphia, Maryland, Delaware, and Central PA regions. This manufacturer specializes in custom air handlers for industrial applications, so when a major pharmaceutical company needed units to meet their stringent requirements, CESI specified Buffalo Air Handling.

John Daher, Sales Engineer at CESI, explains the project’s scope, “This pharma company is expanding with two new buildings, both containing a lab and an office area. Each of the two buildings requires two different types of air handler. The two AHUs for the laboratory need to handle 33,000 cfm. The two office units need to provide 15,000 cfm.”

Wins the Bid in a Crowded Field

Coward Environmental and Buffalo Air Handling won out over many competitive bids. “It was a crowded field,” Daher explains. “This job was a design assist. In a design assist job, the client has a concept for the design, and the GC and engineer make it happen. One of the reasons we were awarded the bid is because we offered a shorter delivery window.”

He adds, “We also got it because this manufacturer really does offer custom AHUs and could easily meet all the requirements. Even though there were alterations throughout the bidding process, it was able to accommodate every customization and change in direction.”

Exceptionally Detailed Requirements

Daher explains that the pharmaceutical lab build includes exceptionally detailed requirements. “Since it is a laboratory, IAQ conditions are critical to satisfy standards.  To do this, the manufacturer has to receive it and install humidifiers within their units at the factory instead of the field. In addition, the manufacturer must perform vibration and pressure testing at the factory, to ensure all elements are calibrated before delivery.”

Installing the humidifier and conducting tests at Buffalo Air Handling also simplifies site installation. “Once the humidifier is added, and the testing is completed,” Daher adds, “the unit is now fully assembled. It will be ready to go when delivered and can be installed quickly, saving even more time on the build.”

AHUs were also customized to meet the builders access restriction requirements. “For example,” Daher adds, “the fans have to be a specific type with a certain motor and cage around it to make those moving and dangerous parts inaccessible.”

Want to Learn More About Buffalo Air?

Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. is proud to represent Buffalo Air Handling in the Philadelphia region, Central PA, and Delaware. Contact us today to discover how Buffalo Air Handling’s customized AHUs can be a part of your next project.