Buffalo Air Customized for Pennsylvania Hospital System

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Air handling in healthcare can be complicated. In addition to requiring large systems capable of cooling hundreds of rooms, these systems often specify air containment, exceptional hygiene, and humidification that can vary by room use.

When CESI was approached to provide a custom air handling solution for a hospital’s multi-phase upgrade, it worked with Buffalo Air. “This hospital needed a highly customized air handling unit,” says Bryan McManus, Sales Engineer at Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. “That customization applied to almost everything down to the materials used. It had to be three-inch all-aluminum construction.”

McManus notes. “It’s a very comprehensive, very customized vestibuled unit. For instance, the hospital specified heavy filtration for the IR suite project. We also included UV lamps for continuously cleaning coils. All the VFDs were installed internally. Specialized airflow monitoring systems and customized blank-off panels rounded out the overall design.”

While AHU installation is critical, it’s also necessary to create easy access for maintenance. “The end user required a vestibule design for serviceability. It was a large piece of equipment, so we shipped it in multiple modules for ease of installation. Everything down to the custom coil pulls was integrated at the design level.”

Buffalo Air Takes Customization in Stride

Complex orders can be challenging for some manufacturers, but Buffalo Air is set up to handle even extreme customization. “This is right in Buffalo’s wheelhouse,” McManus emphasizes. “This type of highly custom, unique air handling unit is what Buffalo Air is known for and does best.”

Buffalo Air Handling offers more than a century of experience in fans and coils, now specializing in the manufacture of custom-designed commercial AHU systems. They understand healthcare and supply specialized solutions to a range of industries, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology labs, hospitals, and healthcare environments. Every unit from Buffalo Air is tailored to the project’s specialized heating, cooling, heat recovery, and humidification requirements.

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