ASHRAE Winter Conference Highlights

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In January, four team members from Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI) attended the ASHRAE Winter Conference in Chicago’s famed McCormick Center. ASHRAE is a diverse organization with over 50,000 members from over 132 nations, dedicated to advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world.

Partner Greg Munter, Sales Engineer Dean Scheurich, Sales Engineer John Daher, and Sales Engineer Bryan McManus attended the conference to talk with manufacturers, scout out the latest technology, and attend sessions.


Greg Munter noted that manufacturers and engineers had a lot of discussions centered on green energy. “Creating a zero carbon footprint has become a goal for many organizations, especially universities, healthcare facilities, and life science companies. The ASHRAE Winter Conference is a great place to catch up on the latest approaches to net zero approaches.” 


John Daher noticed an emphasis on alternative refrigerants. “Everyone was promoting alternate refrigerants. “The AIM Act is pushing everyone to switch by 2025,” he notes. “We heard a lot about the move towards R-454B and similar alternatives.”


Dean Schuerich noted constant chatter about the move towards electrification. “The push towards electrification affects everyone,” he notes, “so I wasn’t surprised that it was a hot topic at this conference.”

Greg Munter enjoyed meeting with manufacturers. “So much of our work is done over conference calls and video chats,” he explains. “But nothing beats a face-to-face conversation. I love talking directly with our manufacturers.


“Interacting with colleagues and having in-depth discussions with our manufacturers is invaluable,” Bryan McManus emphasizes. “ASHRAE events allow us to talk and meet with a range of manufacturers, all within a matter of a few days.  That alone makes this a very time investment.”