Mission Critical, DOAS, and Specialty Comfort

When it comes to specialized commercial air conditioners, one name stands out: AboveAir.  Working from a 90,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Frederick, Maryland, AboveAir can meet a range of very specific air handling and air cooling needs.  By combining creative approaches with precise engineering, Above Air offers exceptional performance for some of the most demanding air handling situations.

Mission Critical
Mission critical cooling systems are essential for the continued operation of a business or organization. AboveAir’s mission critical equipment meets and exceeds even 24/7 application demands.  Systems are available from 1 to 50 Tons in various cooling methods and cabinet configurations with attractive delivery timeframes.

Specialty Comfort
Sometimes unusual situations require specialized equipment.  AboveAir’s specialty comfort equipment has a diversity of cabinet configurations, heat rejection methods, and options that offer exceptional flexibility for a variety of applications.

Dedicated Outdoor air systems (DOAS) circulate fresh outside air into interior spaces independently from other heating or cooling efforts.  AboveAir OA Series Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems are designed to meet ANSI/ASHRAE Standards 62.1 & 62.2 standards for ventilation system design and acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ).  Units are available in rooftop, indoor floor, and ceiling-mounted cabinets with a variety of options to meet specific project design requirements.

Coward Environmental Systems is the regional expert in Mission Critical, DOAS, and Specialty Comfort.  We are proud to represent AboveAir Technologies.  Contact us today for information, specs, or help on your next proposal.