Commercial Humidifiers

Today’s engineers understand the importance of humidification. However, the role of air humidity was overlooked for many years as the HVAC industry struggled to develop effective, reliable solutions. In recent decades, the industry has introduced a series of sophisticated innovations that allow engineers to create commercial air quality solutions that stabilize humidity, maintain occupant health and comfort, and provide more consistency to a wide range of medical applications and industrial processes.

In healthcare facilities such as hospitals and medical practices, the proper humidity levels keep occupants healthier, improve immune system function, and dramatically minimize issues associated with dry eyes or dry skin. Modern humidification systems also reduce the density of airborne particles.  The right humidity level also reduces the risk of electrostatic charges, which may damage sensitive medical equipment. The products represented by Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI) are easy to sanitize and maintain.

In the pharmaceutical industry, humidity plays a crucial role in creating stable lab environments. The proper humidity level can improve the viscosity of materials, slow evaporation, and decrease or eliminate airborne contaminations. Proper humidity levels are also an essential factor in increasing the shelf life and stability of pharmaceuticals.

In the education field, schools are actively re-evaluating the importance of humidity. Maintaining proper humidity levels in these facilities can be complicated because of high occupant density, but a properly designed commercial humidification system can eliminate this challenge. In educational settings, the right humidity level has many benefits, including decreased risk of respiratory infections. Maintaining the proper air humidity can also reduce the severity of common health conditions, including asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, nose bleeds, dry skin, and dry eyes. Comfortable air humidity also enhances learning environments, making students more receptive and focused on their work.

Coward Environmental Systems Knows Humidification

CESI works with the world’s leaders in humidification technology. Our sales engineers help clients find solutions that work with their build, their facilities, and the unique needs of the industries served.

HygroMatik provides sustainable air humidification solutions that manage air quality and air environments. This international corporation is a world leader, supplying humidification technology and humidification management systems to many industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, education, tech, and more. Products include steam generators, steam humidifiers, and pressurized steam systems. The HygroMatik pressure steam system DDS can be integrated into an existing HVAC network to make pressurized steam. This energy-efficient process humidifies using condensate-free saturated steam. In fact, HygroMatik offers the shortest possible humidification distances to work with a range of space-saving installations in labs, clean rooms, hospitals, and pharmaceutical facilities.

MeeFog humidification systems are good solutions for a range of commercial applications. Each MeeFog system uses a series of pumps to pressurize demineralized water, which then flows through a network of high-quality stainless steel tubes. Next, the demineralized water enters an array of proprietary, impaction-pin nozzles, which then produce billions of ultra-fine droplets per second, creating an almost imperceptible fog that can be used to manage the humidity of virtually any space, no matter how large. MeeFog’s systems can create an invisible, cooling mist that evaporates more rapidly than any other fog method.

Clients rely on CESI because of our engineering experience.  Our sales engineers proactively help clients with design, project management, and quality control to ensure your next project works better and lasts longer. CESI services Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Contact us today for more details or to get started on a project.