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We Know Geothermal Systems

Our clients trust Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI) to provide the right geothermal system for their projects, regardless of size, design, or type of exchange field. CESI sales engineers ensure that our clients understand each geothermal product’s requirements and specifications. We also work on behalf of our customers to identify and leverage all local, state, and federal geothermal incentives to expedite ROI for building owners.

Geothermal systems are complex, long-term investments that some professionals consider the best source of commercial heating and cooling.  Coward Environmental’s experienced sales team is committed to helping clients with the entire process – from design to installation. Our high standards for project management combine with proven experience and almost two decades of air handling, HVAC, and airflow experience.

Coward Environmental Systems offers geothermal systems for virtually every type of structure, building, or commercial facility, and helps clients navigate the considerations specific to geothermal applications..

According to GeoComfort’s website, “As the demand for energy continues to increase, it’s no surprise that energy consumption and efficiency have become more critical to homeowners, building owners, and federal, state, and localgovernment entities. The cost of energy (electricity, fossil fuels, etc.) is expected to rise in the future due to federal regulations monitoring climate change and ever-changing swings in operating costs. Energy-efficient solutions are quickly becoming the cheapest and fastest way to cut energy bills for cost-savings while reducing your carbon footprint.”

While geothermal energy systems have become more popular in homes, utilizing GeoComfort by Enertech in commercial projects also gives businesses and facilities access to features that create industry-leading efficiencies. Additionally, Geothermal reduces the costs of hot water, which is especially important for healthcare, education, hospitality, and pharmaceutical.

Enertech’s concentration on continuous improvement and quality control has resulted in exceptional reliability. Each geothermal unit coming off the assembly line visits a state-of-the-art test station. Testing includes a computerize-run tests featuring helium leak detection and waterside decay inspection. In fact, testing on GeoComfort equipment is among the most robust in the industry.

Did you know that many states, local municipalities, and utilities offer installation rebates, tax incentives, or low-interest loans for geothermal heating and cooling systems? Our sales team will help you identify these programs upon request.

Coward Environmental Systems provides custom geothermal systems that are made in America. CESI is a GeoComfort Systems distributor serving Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Contact us today for information, specs, or help on your next proposal.