Custom Fans Manage Airflow

When consumers think of fans, they may conjure up an image of a box fan or a ceiling fan, but when engineers think of fans, the sky is literally the limit. Custom fans range from simple blowers to remove harmful materials to sophisticated plume fans that tower above a facility and shoot particles high into the air to dilute harmlessly. In the engineering world, custom fans can also include utility fans, centrifugal blowers, corrosion-resistant fiberglass fans, axial tube fans, radial blade blowers, cast aluminum blowers, roof ventilators, panel and flange fans, IRIS dampers, and more.

Each custom fan is designed to suit a particular use in a specific place. Experienced engineers understand the differences among fans and can identify the correct product for each application. The sales engineers at Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI) can help identify the intricate differences among these products and help in the selection process.

CESI has been providing custom fan technology for over 30 years. We specialize in pharmaceutical, healthcare, and higher education applications. When it comes to performance, space requirements, or critical indoor environments, CESI chooses from among a set of industry-leading manufacturers to satisfy the client’s requirements.

Our Solutions

BasX fan arrays offer durable performance combined with minimal acoustic levels. Their single-minded approach to fan technology differentiates BasX as a leader in fans, fan arrays, and total system solutions. The company manufactures fan array systems that include motors, cabinetry, controls, and accessories that can be easily combined to match new construction and retrofit application requirements.

Continental Fan (CFM) is a manufacturer and distributor of quality ventilation equipment for industrial, commercial, residential, and OEM ventilation applications. Its industrial fans and blowers include general ventilation to process fans. Industrial fans and blowers include utility fans, centrifugal blowers, cast aluminum blowers, corrosion-resistant fiberglass fans, axial tube fans, radial blade blowers, roof ventilators, panel and flange fans, and IRIS dampers. 

Peerless Blowers is a vertically integrated manufacturer of fans and blowers used in commercial and industrial applications. Its fans are reliable and efficient with built-in quality, exceptional performance, and cost-efficient operation. Built with all-welded heavy gauge steel, Peerless builds to various AMCA standard drive arrangements and custom-designed requirements for original equipment manufacturers. 

Plasticair offers AMCA Certified FRP fans with up to 110,000 CFM in mixed flow, SWSI, and axial flow configurations. They manufacture perchloric acid exhaust systems with no moving parts in the airstream. They also manufacture scrubber fume hoods for heavy acid and perchloric acid usage with efficiencies up to 99% removal. Their high-efficiency wet scrubbers and mist eliminators also offer efficiencies up to 99.99% removal.

CESI is pleased to represent Skyplume. These FRP and steel-coated induced flow fans produce high outlet momentum flux rates. High plume multi fan systems are available in standard and custom configurations. Clients can also choose from standard and custom options for corrosion-proof high-end energy recovery inlet plenums as well. Skyplume also manufactures induction stack and silencer packages.

Clients rely on CESI because of our engineering experience. Our sales engineers proactively help clients with design, project management, and quality control to ensure your next project works better and lasts longer. CESI offers custom fans from Plasticair, Peerless Blowers, BasX Solutions, CFM Continental, and Skyplume Technologies. Contact us today for more details or to get started on a project.