Custom Chillers for a Range of Applications

Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI) offers best-in-class chiller solutions for your business. Whether you’re looking for chillers to support huge facilities or small builds, we provide custom chillers that work with your space requirements.

Hard-Working Chillers

In commercial environmental systems, specifying a chiller requires an engineered solution that is designed around the needs of the site and the facilities served. At CESI, our sales engineers consult on building custom chiller systems to handle a range of requirements.

We represent manufacturers of centrifugal chillers that offer the highest IPLV energy efficiencies and the lowest lifetime operating costs in their capacity ranges. Coward Environmental also helps clients with special equipment design challenges to fit each project’s space, energy, and cooling requirements.

Water-cooled chillers are popular when the installation site has space to provide a sufficient water supply. This type of chiller’s performance is relatively consistent, even when there are significant fluctuations in the ambient temperature. These chillers can provide enough capacity to serve even the largest facilities, including airports, shopping malls, and warehouses.

When water is scarce, some builds rely on air-cooled chillers. These chillers are dependent on a condenser cooled by the ambient outdoor air.  Most air-cooled chillers use propeller fans or mechanical refrigeration cycles to draw the surrounding air over a finned coil to condense the refrigerant. The condensation of the refrigerant vapor in the air-cooled condenser enables the transfer of heat to the atmosphere.

No matter which type of custom chiller is required, CESI helps our clients find efficient options that are easy to operate and maintain over a long lifecycle. Our lines of advanced chillers drive whole-life ownership costs down and save on operating costs, maintenance costs, and reduce mechanical risks.

Smardt chillers are among the top five manufacturers globally and are ranked number one in oil-free high-efficiency in the centrifugal sector. They feature an oil-free Turbocor® compressor that has magnetic bearing technologies and variable speed drives. This Turbocor compressor is the most energy-efficient type of chiller; it reduces energy consumption by 50% compared to traditional compressors. According to, “This ultra-high-speed technology eliminates up to 99% of compressor induced vibrations and dramatically reduces the sound levels emitted by the chiller”

Aermec was founded in Italy in 1961 and has provided efficient and innovative chiller and commercial HVAC solutions to the North American market since 2007. The company offers a wide variety of air-to-water chillers, free cooling chillers, modular chillers, heat pumps, high-temperature heat pumps, multipurpose heat pumps, and the world’s quietest fan coils.

CESI focuses on providing high-end custom units that meet our commercial customers’ precise specifications. Our sales engineers offer custom solutions designed for each build. Coward Environmental is a Smardt distributor serving Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Contact us today for more details or to get started on a project.