Cleanrooms and Healthy Environments for Pharma, Healthcare, and Education

The air in healthcare, pharmaceutical, and higher-ed facilities is not naturally clean. In fact, an average cubic foot of air contains three million microscopic particles. Those particles can negatively affect manufacturing, industry, and healthcare in many ways. Modern cleanroom solutions play a critical role for laboratories, precision manufacturing, and healthcare facilities.

That’s why Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI) helps our clients find the best solutions for their projects. Our design-assist partnerships offer turnkey cleanroom solutions. In fact, our sales engineers can lead the design process and manage the off-site construction of modular solutions. 

CESI helps clients create cleanrooms that provide a controlled environment with very low levels of pollutants, including aerosol particles, chemical vapors, dust, and airborne microbes with cumulative distributions based on threshold (lower limit) particle sizes ranging from 0,1 µm to 5 µm. Our manufacturers even offer environmental disinfection technology that uses visible light to kill harmful bacteria safely and continuously. It also prevents bacteria from repopulating. We are dedicated to offering cleanroom products that deliver cost-effective solutions that are energy efficient and increase cleanroom efficacy.


This manufacturer offers a range of specialized cleanroom solutions designed for high purity environments. AAF cleanroom solutions include AstroFan Clean Zone DFU, AstroFan CleanZone FFU, The CR II module for use with particulate filters, including the AstroCel II filter, the FM-II fan filter, and the AstroFan fan filter unit. AFF also created VisionAir™ IEQ, a filtration selection software that allows the user to measure the impact and efficacy of air change rates, upgrading supply air filtration, and air purification systems.

These cleanrooms are designed with the flexibility to meet budget and execution requirements. Units are quick and easy to assemble, with the opportunity to expand, modify, or disassemble if needed. A baked polyurethane powder coat finish is placed on all cleanroom surfaces to ensure non-outgassing. It also offers cleanroom plenum systems, cleanroom grid systems, modular cleanrooms, modular agricultural facilities, custom air handling units, packaged DX air handling units, fan replacement, overhead cooling, and custom seismic restraints.

Operamed is known for healthcare solutions, but many products are also ideal for cleanrooms. Its wall panels are charged with silver ions that inhibit germs’ growth and eliminate those already present. The Operamed TModule is a modular cleanroom solution that can be built very quickly because it includes an outer casing, internal partitions, and services.


ECS’s ALUMA1 Cleanroom Wall & Ceiling System offers exceptional flexibility for those seeking a versatile cleanroom solution. ALUMA1 offers adaptability in layout and planning without imposing unnecessary design constraints. This makes it easier to incorporate changes, add equipment, modify utilities, or integrate new doors and windows without compromising the integrity of the cleanroom environment. ALUMA1 embodies a dynamic approach to cleanroom construction, empowering users to evolve and adapt their facilities as needed without sacrificing efficiency or quality.

Coward Environmental Systems provides cleanrooms for a range of industries and applications. Contact us today for information, specs, or help on your next proposal.