Airflow Monitoring: an Important Part of a Healthy Air System

Airflow and air monitoring products are designed to regulate air in healthy spaces. The best airflow monitoring systems offer exceptional accuracy and reliability. These systems can read accurately down to extremely low airflows.

Airflow management is an essential tool when designing air handling systems for healthy spaces. That’s because improper airflow allows moist air from the outside to enter into the system, creating mold and mildew issues. Inadequate airflow can also allow moist interior air to permeate walls, ceilings, and other structural components. Airflow monitoring also empowers engineers and operators to increase ventilation rates to reduce concentrations of indoor allergens, including some pollutants associated with asthma.


Without a sophisticated airflow monitoring system in place, condensation, mildew, and mold can become recurring issues. In hospitals, medical offices, research facilities, medical manufacturing, laboratory, or industrial environments, airflow management is an important tool used to safeguard both occupants’ and sensitive medications and equipment.

NJK Precision’s airflow measuring station allows operators to precisely adjust a facility’s air quality in ways that improve comfort, health, and workplace productivity. Its airflow measurement station features a patented dual-chambered airfoil design. This airfoil allows dynamic normalization of turbulent airflows inherent in the ductwork. NJK Precision Flow Sensor Probes can be placed in a wide range of locations, making it easy for engineers and installers to adapt to existing conditions without compromising sensor accuracy. These sensors meet accuracy ratings across the entire range of flows on a primary NIST Certified Airflow Testing Stand (with an uncertainty of 0.19% at 95% confidence).

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