Custom and Modular AHUs Meet Your Commercial HVAC Needs

Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI) assists our clients in selecting the right air handling systems and components for their projects. Specifying the appropriate products in an HVAC air handling system is the only way to ensure top performance. CESI sales engineers ensure that our clients understand a product’s requirements and specifications. We also make sure these AHU and companion systems efficiently address other indoor air quality issues, including temperature, humidity, air velocity, humidity, noise, ventilation, and the presence of particulates, VOCs and pathogens.

Our experienced sales team helps clients with every detail of the entire selection process – from design to production. CESI brings together the strictest standards of project management, proven know-how, and decades of commercial HVAC and air handling experience. We’ll recommend an air handling unit to ensure HVAC systems run more efficiently, improve indoor air quality, and reduce maintenance requirements.

Identifying the Best Options

A custom AHU (air handler unit) is a vital component of any commercial air-side heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system. AHUs regulate and circulate outside air to help all other systems heat, cool, humidify, dehumidify, and filter air, regardless of the fresh air requirements of the facility.

Many projects require a large outdoor AHU, often called a packaged unit.  When these are installed on the roof, they’re referred to as a rooftop unit (RTUs). Both types of installations may be called makeup air units (MAUs) when the units are dedicated to supplying 100 percent outdoor air.  In this application, the systems only condition air from outside the facility instead of the recirculating interior air, or mixing the two. AHUs that recirculate indoor air are smaller and are used in localized areas. These AHUs are often called terminal units.

AHUs can be located in basement levels, on roofs, or even the floors within a building. Because AHUs are used for large commercial structures, each AHU is often designated to a specific zone within a facility, such as particular floors, a side of the building, or limited to a purpose-built area such as a laboratory, office space, or public spaces. This multiple zone strategy means that it is common to find various AHU’s throughout a building.

CESI is the area’s most experienced expert in air handling units. We offer modular air handling systems for air conditioning, ventilation, heating, cooling, low pressure, and high-pressure systems. CESI is proud to offer high-end air conditioning and ventilation solutions, including a series of custom and modular air handling units.

The materials and components used in our selection of AHUs feature long-lasting, high-quality construction, and a wide airflow (CFM) range. Some commercial buildings need to control humidity, so sensors can be added at the outlet of the supply AHU to measure and control the amount of moisture.

Our Solutions

Air Wise specializes in modular AHU design. They offer several cabinet styles, materials, and wall depths. Units feature factory-mounted humidification, lights, and controls.  Air Wise units are CSA-certified and approved. These AHUs include ETL certified Electrical panels and distribution and undergo independent certified leakage testing.  Air Wise is also known for equipment designed specifically for restaurant heat/cool makeup air, television production trailers, supermarkets, and replacement applications.

BasX manufactures a range of commercial HVAC solutions, including custom AHUs, 5,000 – 100,000+ CFM, for indoor and outdoor applications. It also offers packaged DX air handing units, 40 ton – 300 ton, with stand alone or integrated controls. This industry leader also offers innovative design, custom configurations, filtration choices, and nearly unlimited options for temperature and humidity control.

Buffalo Air Handling, Division of Air and Liquid Systems Corporation, a subsidiary of Ampco-Pittsburgh, manufactures custom-designed air handling systems for commercial, institutional, and industrial building markets. This equipment is used in a diverse range of applications including pharmaceutical and biotechnology labs, hospital and health care environments, chemical plants, telecommunication sites, institutional and municipal spaces, food processing facilities, and automotive factories.

Flex Air manufactures air handling units to fit each project specifically. Custom features can include cabinet construction, materials, shapes, and sizes, to coils, filters, and energy recovery devices. It can build modular units using heating and cooling water systems, process water systems, and hot well/cold well. Flex Air also specializes in retrofitting existing systems, including converting existing units from one heating and cooling medium to another, fan rework, and more.

Klimor offers anti-corrosive coatings, single or multi fan options, rigid frame construction, insulation, triple sloped drain pans, single-point power, thermal brake panels, and energy recovery. In addition, their modular line allows for the free configuration of functional blocks. Available blocks include primary filtration, mixing, heating, cooling, silencing, secondary filtration, heat recovery, cooling module, and fan.

Marlo has 90 years of experience providing custom heat transfer solutions. Their coils are trusted throughout the industry for quality, performance, and reliability – and for meeting our customers’ broad range of diverse needs. The Stratomizer® Dampered Face & Bypass Coil can efficiently preheat and temper outside air and protect against freezing. Marlo’s wall system provides high insulation value with minimal air leakage. Every panel is constructed of galvanized steel for superior strength and coated with PVC to resist bacteria and corrosion.

Since 1987, Petra has been manufacturing HVAC equipment that meets a range of application requirements. Its solutions combine energy efficiency, ultra-low noise, and high air quality standards. Petra AHU Control uses the latest technologies to replace traditional hardwired solutions. Petra’s industry-leading total integration of control and power electronics provides maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption.

Titan Air is a leading manufacturer of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. It offers AHUs designed for commercial applications, with completely customized technology for make-up air, air turnover, evaporative cooling, energy recovery, custom controls, and more. These systems can work as standalone units or in conjunction with existing equipment. 

Coward Environmental Systems provides modular air handling systems for HVAC and cooling systems. CESI serves Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Maryland, Eastern Pennsylvania, and the State College region. Contact us today for information, specs, or help on your next proposal.