Klimor Provides Egg-Cellent Air Handling Solutions for Pennsylvania Producer

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Egg production is a big business in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The county ranks number four nationally in the production of poultry and eggs, with farmers caring for millions of hens. However, while the industry is large, the margins are slim, so every penny counts.

That’s why farmers are cost-conscious about repairs as egg collection houses and equipment age, but efficient and effective equipment is essential to meet agricultural standards and extend the life of all egg collection systems.

When a large egg production farm in Lancaster County needed to replace multiple air handling units, CESI had the right solution. Bryan McManus, Sales Engineer at CESI, explains, “The farmer’s AHUs were over fifteen years old, but they still wanted to contain costs. That meant the new units had to have a flexible design and work with existing roof penetrations and ductwork, minimizing additional costs.”

Customized AHUs from Klimor

McManus worked with Klimor, a world leader in advanced air conditioning and ventilation solutions. Klimor’s modular features allowed McManus to request custom AHUs that could be dropped into existing penetrations, making installation as simple as a direct replacement.

“We were also able to add some features that the older units didn’t have,” says McManus. ” We added components to aid in humidity control, something the previous units didn’t have. This will benefit the entire plant when it comes to providing comfort cooling and process cooling. The Klimor unit also features pre- and final filtration required by code for the food industry. These new units also have the ability to work in a recirculation mode which will save energy. This added feature wasn’t present on the previous units.”

Klimor’s customized AHUs are easy to install. “Smaller modules are appealing to installing contractors,” notes McManus. “It allows for smaller cranes and a leaner installation team because of the modular design.”

And even though the units were custom-built for this installation, Klimor can deliver within sixteen weeks in their standard lead time window. “We delivered exponentially faster than most of the competition,” explains McManus. “So the end user got a customized unit, with added energy-saving features, on a relatively short turnaround time. It’s a win-win.”

Coward Environmental's Seamless Process

McManus joined Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. at the end of 2022. “I can’t say enough about the CESI team,” he says. “Everybody here is on top of what needs to get done. Processing work, orders, and installation is just a seamless process. When you need to keep projects moving, an experienced team like the one we have here is vital.”

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