Our History

The history of Coward Eastman Co. began when two close friends decided to form a partnership back in 1944. Charles Coward, PE, and Carl Eastman, PE, were determined to become the top Philadelphia representatives for the best manufacturers of commercial airflow, filtration, and ventilation equipment. They planned to use their experience as engineering consultants to properly apply the right products to the right application.

Honest, dedicated, and experienced, the founders of Coward Eastman Co. quickly became trusted suppliers in the greater Philadelphia region. The founders’ commitment to service, integrity, and the profession of selling helped launch their firm. Their dedication and exceptional commitment helped grow that company into an industry leader. Their business philosophy has been inspiring generations of sales representatives, support staff, and management ever since.

Over the decades, key players joined the team. George Beckert was hired in 1950 as a sales engineer. Charles Coward Jr., PE, joined the company in 1960. Paul Coward joined in 1970. The sales team grew the customer base as Carl and Charlie planned for the future. The company expanded to include corrosion control, air management of industrial exhaust systems, and flow control of supply air systems.

In 1975 Eastman and Beckert retired, and the company was sold to Paul and Chuck Coward. During the next 18 years, the company prospered and represented a variety of principles enabling the company to enter different markets. The remaining founder, Charles Coward, Sr. retired in 1988. By the late 80s, the company was now positioned to fully manage all types of air systems by providing temperature, pressure, and humidity control and became providers of complete environmental systems. These expansions enabled the company to serve the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets fully.

In the following decade, Chuck Coward sold his share of the company to Paul and Judith Coward, and the new company was named Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. Nicholas Musulin joined the sales team and started building an inside engineering support staff. The company headquarters were moved to Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

In the 2000s, Robert Miller joined the team, purchased the assets, and assumed leadership. Greg Munter soon joined Miller as a partner. Today Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. also does business as CESI. CESI is now approaching its eighth decade of service in the greater Philadelphia region. Other territories include Central Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley, the State College region, Maryland, Delaware, and Northern Virginia.

Our Leadership Team

Robert Miller

Partner/President, CEM

Robert Miller, Partner/President, CEM

Bob Miller has had a long, successful career in commercial HVAC, air handling, and airflow systems. He joined CESI two decades ago, starting as a Sales Engineer. Bob loved the business and understood that his engineering background made it possible to find solutions for complicated proposals and bids. With eight years of successful CESI sales under his belt, he took over leadership of the company in 2009 and became the owner in 2010.

Bob received a Mechanical Engineering B.S. from Penn State in 1991. He then spent five years with United McGill Corp, a business specializing in engineering, manufacturing, and field installation of many construction products and industrial systems. Next, he spent another five years as a sales engineer for Siemens Building Technologies before joining CESI.

Bob is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. He loves the outdoors and fills his weekends skiing or golfing. He’s also been known to enjoy a fine cigar with his local cigar group.

Greg Munter

Partner/Sales Engineer, PE

Greg Munter, Partner, Sales Engineer

Greg has always had a passion for engineering design, so it was easy to decide to pursue engineering as his life’s work. He kicked off a long, successful career by getting his Mechanical Engineering B.S. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York. Next, he spent more than a decade in design consulting, mapping out the infrastructure needed for multiple HVAC projects for pharmaceutical, clean room, and education industries at leading engineering firms, including Parson, STV, and IPS.

His deep experience in Design Consulting Project Management helped him excel in planning, commercial HVAC and utility room design, modification, and rehabilitation when he joined CESI in 2007. Greg’s experience and skill also enabled him to quickly become a recognized leader at Coward Environmental Systems, eventually transitioning into a co-owner in 2018.

Today Greg enjoys spending time with his family and is an enthusiastic traveler. Although his home is officially located “inland,” Greg admits that he feels most at home when he is at the beach.

Greg Munter, Partner, Sales Engineer

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