A Modular Penthouse Solution with EAS Reduces Risks and Costs for Customers

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An interview with Bill Bullock from Environmental Air Systems (EAS)

Since 1953, EAS has been a leader in custom offsite build solutions. With unmatched experience and dedication to providing the highest quality HVAC systems on the market, EAS takes pride in being a premier mechanical contractor. EAS manufactures in North Carolina and can ship to any location across the United States.

The Only Company Providing a Modular Penthouse Solution

EAS is a true single-source solution, providing all the components of a penthouse: the structure, the architectural and mechanical components, the plumbing, the electrical, and all the other services that go into a mechanical equipment room. EAS also has the ability to design a totally custom solution in-house.

Bill Bullock, the Vice President of MEP Engineered Solutions and EAS, explains, “Penthouses are highly complex, highly customized solutions, and we’re able to provide a true end-to-end solution to meet our customers’ needs.”

He continues, “They have to be designed for manufacturing and assembly.  We provide that service on the front end with our engineering partners, owner partners, and construction management partners. We help them design the solution from the beginning. Each project is very complex and very customized, and we have the ability to provide the necessary expertise.”

EAS is the only manufacturer in the country that provides a modular penthouse solutions. While other companies have unsuccessfully attempted to venture into the market, EAS has dominated the industry for over 25 years.

“We are providing a modular solution to the most critical part of a building. Penthouses are the heart, lungs, and brain of the of a building,” Bullock states. Building this solution in a manufacturing environment offsite ultimately yields a much higher quality product for the customer. EAS’s solutions are designed to be as efficient as possible, from accessibility to power consumption to the construction process for the installation.

“This removes manpower off of the site, and it reduces the risk for the client and the construction team,” Bullock explains. “Anywhere you can reduce the risk this day and age is ultimately going to save you money, and it’s going to save you time. So, this produces a win-win scenario for everyone involved.”


Modular Solutions for Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, and Education Industries

EAS supplies solutions for many leading pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, Pfizer, Amgen, GlaxoSmithKline, and more. Builders in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries require specialty equipment that provides a very complex air distribution system for their cleanrooms, and EAS can provide solutions in a package method. In conventional construction, pieces and parts must be ordered from a variety of suppliers, assembled on-site, and installed by several different sub-contractors. “We are able to package all of that into with one provider for pharmaceutical clients, and it gives them a complete integrated solution,” Bullock states.

For universities, EAS can provide a number of different solutions, but the most common application is the lab and research buildings on campuses. Bullock explains, “Labs and research buildings typically require a very complex air distribution system, utilities that are required with 100% outside air, high dilution exhaust systems, and filtration.” He continues, “We can package all that together into one, as well as the utilities that feed those systems with chilled water and hot water.”

Continuing to Develop Manufacturing Processes

EAS is aiming to push the envelope on its manufacturing processes. It has implemented automated welding equipment, plasma cutting, and material preparation equipment. This sophisticated automation empowers EAS to create manufacturing efficiencies and reduce overall lead times. It also continuously improves engineering expertise. Bullock states, “The experience that we have in that area helps us to always be innovative and provide the most value-added solution to our clients.”

Successful and Timely Completion of EAS’s Largest Project to Date

EAS recently completed its largest project for a healthcare facility in Largo, Maryland, for the University of Maryland medical system. Bullock explains, “We provided a central utility plant that had basically everything; it had chillers, boilers, domestic hot water heaters, and a two-megawatt cogeneration plant that utilized the natural gas reciprocating engine. We were reclaiming heat off of the jacket of the engine to generate heated hot water and domestic hot water. It included all the electrical distribution for both normal and emergency power for the entire hospital. The penthouse even had a water filtration system that was filtering all the water that was coming from the city.”

“This was a huge project with a schedule that we had to commit to,” Bullock says. Over 18 months, EAS had to finish the design, generate a permit set of drawings, order all the long lead components, manufacture it in about six months, and then install it in about three months, all through a pandemic.

“We hit the deadline’s right on the nose,” Bullock says. “The hospital was able to open several months early as a result of us successfully completing the project on schedule.”

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