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For more than 75 years, Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI) has been representing leading manufacturers of environmental and air management systems. 

Our people and our manufacturing partners have supported the engineering community and construction industry in the Philadelphia region and beyond.


Lead the next century of advancements in the building environment by representing the industry’s most innovative manufacturers and cutting-edge technologies.


Trust Coward Environmental’s team of experts. We have been supporting the airflow industry for over 75 years. Dedicated to our customers, CESI partners with you on all your air handling and indoor environment needs.  

CESI represents leading commercial systems in cooling and heating air handling units for pharmaceutical, healthcare and education industries.  Utilize fully integrated systems specifically created for your rooms in size, function, and features that control a precise temperature and humidity.

Areas of Expertise

We help clients with every detail of the entire AHU and ERUs specification process – from design to production. CESI combines the strictest standards of project management, proven know-how, and almost four decades of commercial HVAC and air handling experience.

AHUs in commercial spaces  provide a healthy, comfortable, and efficient built environment.  Beyond that, monitoring airflow is necessary to regulate indoor air quality, energy usage, building pressurization, and humidity control. Coward Environmental represents airflow monitoring manufacturers that offer best-in-class solutions and a wide array of products to fit nearly any design.

Healthy spaces, clean rooms, and precision manufacturing all demand a higher level of purified air and surfaces. Facilities that need to remove or destroy pathogens, viruses, germs, and other microbial particles can work with Coward Environmental Systems Inc. We help our clients manage a range of unseen risk factors that can compromise occupants or procedures.

CESI offers a variety of advanced products that deliver energy-efficient solutions for any cleanroom application. Our cleanrooms maintain a controlled environment that virtually eliminates pollutants, including aerosol particles, chemical vapors, dust, and airborne microbes.

Our prefabricated central utility plants and penthouses save time, money, and ensure the attention to detail provided by assembly in a controlled environment. Constructed and tested offsite, each prefab option is easy to transport and is installed quickly onsite, avoiding construction deadlines and interference from other building trades.

Coward Environmental helps our clients size and select efficient air-cooled, water-cooled, adiabatic cooling, and dry air cooling systems. Our wide selection of cutting-edge chillers, condensers, and coolers, allows our team to drive whole-life ownership costs down while mitigating mechanical risks.

Each of the custom fans CESI offers, from blowers to plume fans, is designed to suit a particular use and a specific function. Our sales engineers understand the differences among these product lines and the applications they serve, and can quickly determine the best choice for any project. We help clients identify efficient custom fan solutions, regardless of the design intricacies. 

We work with leading manufacturers of dehumidification equipment around the world to provide the best solutions. Our engineering department helps clients identify systems that work with their build, energy requirements, facilities, and the unique dehumidification challenges presented by the various industries served.

When our clients need effective equipment to remove dust, gases, airborne toxins, and fumes from indoor spaces, our sales engineering department is here to help size and specify sophisticated technology designed for toxin collection, scrubbing, extraction, and environmental purification, regardless of the application.

Enthalpy and Heat wheels, made of a thermally conductive material, play a pivotal role in various heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, recovering up to 90% of the heat that would otherwise be lost in the exhaust air stream.
CESI provides high-quality geothermal and WSHP systems in a range of sizes, designs, and types of exchange fields. CESI sales engineers help clients create zone-by-zone air control, helping clients navigate the considerations specific to each build and application.

Our humidifier manufacturers continue to introduce sophisticated innovations that allow engineers to create solutions that stabilize humidity, maintain occupant health and comfort, and provide more consistency to a wide range of medical applications and industrial processes.

Even at the microbial level, the air in operating rooms must be closely monitored and meticulously maintained. A properly-designed OR air system continuously meets demanding standards. Coward Environmental’s engineering department understands the unique challenges faced by OR design professionals, and offers the products needed to address them.
Pump skids are pre-engineered and prefabricated pump systems. These self-contained, compact systems contain one or more pumps, a control panel, valves, and piping mounted on a skid. In commercial HVAC systems, pump skids circulate fluids for chilled and hot water and energy recovery and rejection.
Utilizing variable frequency drives (VFDs) is one of the most effective ways to improve building energy efficiency.  We help clients use VFDs to regulate and monitor the use of chillers, AHUs, fans, pumps, and more.




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